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    200 miles with an Oreca !

    Should be ok for noise tests Jon, hasn't failed one yet at knockhill and even passed for the round of Time Attack I done there a few years ago. Headed home tomorrow so will get a proper look for the diff receipt etc for you. Hope you have as much fun in her as I did!
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    frazjam's Ph1 172

    Welding just needs to be of a high standard, not done by an Msa approved installer. I have the safety devices cage in my Clio and me and my dad done it in the garage. Car has since been MSA log booked and given the all clear.
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    Another Clio 172 Cup track/race build.

    Give me a shout with the ones you're doing Morgan, i'll hopefully get the clio out to a few of the french trophy rounds next year.
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    What roll cage

    As swede cup said, easiest fitting and best bolt in cage would be the safety devices. That's what i went for and have no complaints.
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    My new racecar project (Icemans old shell)

    That video was a pleasure to watch.
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    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    Bucks boxes - 01296 655645. Top quality work and pretty good value aswell.
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    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    I put my box to Bucks Gearboxes in Aylesbury I think it is, he fitted my gripper and final drive. Does all the Evo rally car sequential boxes etc and knows his stuff. I will get you the number tonight.
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    LSD - talk to me

    Gripper personally, cracking bit of kit in my opinion.
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    195/55/15 on track?

    I've got some of the 55 Dunlops on my clio, only issue i found was some scrubbing, probably not helped by the fact my Bilstein coilovers are far too soft. But at the price i got them for, i snapped them up.
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    Another Clio 172 Cup Road/Track

    haha you're video's are always a pleasure to watch Morgan
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    My home made intake made today :)

    This is probably the best thing I've seen on this forum.
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    AST Sportline 2 Spring rates

    Can anyone tell me the standard spring rates on these coilovers?
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    Which roll cage?

    Safety Devices, give mark fish a call. He stocks them
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    Throttle Bodies ECU question (again)

    What itb's do you have clarkey? May be interested, pm me if you like to save spamming this thread.
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    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    You would be in Club N/A James if you were to enter time attack, i think the tdi North FN2 civic is probably one of the quickest this year. You're clio would be in with a very good chance in that class.