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    French Car Meet in Swindon

    Few of the modded cars round here belong to you army lads, not seen a williams yet though which is a surprise as abingdons not the biggest of places. I drive a Cup ( R* CUP) so give us a wave if you see it around. rocko drives a lovely dark blue 172 which I see almost everyday! Wish they...
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    French Car Meet in Swindon

    no way, i live in Abingdon! Its a small world.
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    French Car Meet in Swindon

    where abouts near Oxford are you from eves? Always see a few Williams about but none from on here....yet.
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    Worth the 250 Viper induction

    PMSL @philip! Bet its only loud because you add to the effects! My Vipers loud enough for me. Well have to have a sound off!
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    Unichip Dealers

    not power wise as its too small too notice but it sounds great.
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    Unichip Dealers

    holiday was good although I travelled four hours on the plane for worse weather than you guys had here! I took it to powerstation as I was down that way and it needed remapping again due to a refit of my Viper. They were very helpful. Owen are good but as I was there in Cheltenham I had it...
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    Unichip Dealers

    Phillip, Ive also used Powerstation in Cheltenham. Bit far but very good. cheers
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    Fitted Viper Last Night

    thats ok then as was worried I paid out 200 notes and then they bought out a new one! they are nice arent they? Am well pleased with mine. (so much so had to post a pic!)
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    Fitted Viper Last Night Tim, is yours different to this one. ( my Viper on my Cup )
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    Cup with Climate Control Official

    who cares about air con and abs? I bought my Cup because it was 89kgs lighter. Then I proceeded to slap in loads of stereo stuff thus losing my weight gain. figures...
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    I’ve just bought a Sony CDX-M800

    how much did that cost mate as at the time of fitting mine they didnt have one available? Ive got an earlier version of the CDX-M series but presume that itll still fit?
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    Im certainly not getting sub 2 grand quotes! Deano at Owens couldnt give me an exact price but wanted me to confirm I wanted it done first which is fair enough. I have to admit Im seriously thinking of getting something different rather than spend all this money on getting TBs? Still a...
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    Phillip, have you tried Owen Dev in Oxford? Although they dont have anything at present they told me its possible should I really want it? am looking at a few Gs though.
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    Chip for Cup

    If the unichip is visible in the engine bay then I seriously need my eyes tested as cant see it meself! :confused:
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    What old fast car for under 10k

    Get a pulsar GTi-R. You could pick a mint one up for about 6 grand and they are SOOOOO quick. you always get them competing at Ten of the Best and regularly getting the best times at the Pod. Expensive to maintain but class as they are Jap! and its a turbo, right up your alley!