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  1. E

    Silver 1.2 clio 16v

    Hey. Im looking to do up my clio little by little. Im an amature so nothing to difficult for starters. Anyone any ideas what to do. Ive already put headlight covers on in black but would like a few ideas please. Thanks
  2. M

    Dark (Monaco?) "GXB" plate '16v' mk2 near Victoria Park, Glasgow

    The start of Victoria Park South on the back of an AA truck having just been recovered. Nice work smashing the concrete barrier just after the kink!
  3. W

    1.2 16v Engine Oil

    Which engine oil is best for a 1.2 16v? Not sure of which is better 5w-40 or 10w-40? Was looking at castrol, although is Triple Qx any good?
  4. T

    2002 1.2 16v extreme clio top mounts

    hi people just a quick one my driver side top mount has gone and just wondered what i need to replace it, searcging about and so much different things on ebay, like these...
  5. Ben

    Renault Megane 2.0 T 16V RENAULTSPORT 225 3DR

    Whats to know about these? One has popped up local to me. Nice spec and colour, and a very good price. 3 owners, 92k miles full years MOT. Whats the tax like on these, average MPG? Anything to look out for? The car in question.
  6. leeds_182

    (New) S2 16V Rallye

    Ok, so this is my second S2 Rallye in as many weeks. I guess I just really like buying them. Its probably a little better condition than the white one so potentially a better project. Few quick iphone pictures - ill upload some more after a clean tomorrow. Indigo S2 Rallye by cobzy1, on...
  7. BenTH

    Clio 1.2 16v Steering Vague / Loose and Slight drifting... and Clutch High bite..HELP

    As per title thee steering feels loose and vague and also drifts to the left slightly, I have done the definitive shake and see what moved that shouldnt test and the front passenger wheel moves slightly (Side to side) and the same drive shaft moves also, Would this cause those problems and would...
  8. M

    Clio 1.1 16v info

    I have a 1.1 16v sport (as registered on logbook) could anybody give me any information on this engine, I'm sure I'll need to do a cambelt soon but can't find a manual anywhere! I have a F4R (Renault workshop) manual if that helps anybody too :)
  9. Thrill

    Gearbox oil 1.2 16v

    How would I change the gearbox oil on my 1.2 16v? Is it as easy as an oil change? What is the best oil to use? How much do I need?
  10. J

    1.2 16v clio sport replica

    this is my 1.2 renault clio i know this will not be to everyones taste but i thought id upload it to see what people thaught of it basicly i baught the car for £400 as a cheap run about it was standard apart from the chavy side skirts that was on it i decided to throw some money at it i arnt...
  11. bendee

    Bendee's bianca s2 16v

    Heres a follow on thread from jims ill keep it updated if people keep interest in it. my last project started to go abit too far and cost alot of money i want to go back to basics with a decent spec that isnt going to break the bank and require all my time so when this came up for sale by the...
  12. Thrill

    1.2 16v to a DCI 100?

    Hi guys, Is it worth the upgrade from a 1.2 16v to a DCI 100? Insurance would be the same, it's cheaper to tax, better MPG but then the other bits and bobs are just the same price wise as 1.2s (I think!). I do love my 16v but just want something with a bit bigger engine. Is it a wise upgrade or...
  13. T

    Clio 1.2 16v (new project)

    NEW CLIO PROJECT! ​ I have decided to give the 1.2 16v a Renault Sport 182 Cup feel without all the additional driving costs considering I have only been driving 5 months, but sticking with the cars original colour. The car was originally my other half's but was passed down to me due to her...
  14. joel_b

    2001 dynamique 1.2 16v dics + pads change

    hi all, i am just about to order some discs and pads off ebay and on the item description it says does not fit bendix type brake calipers.. could anyone tell me if the 2001 dynamique 1.2 16v has bendix or the standard calipers before i go ahead and order them here is the ebay link for them...
  15. Eddie.

    Limp Mode/Coilpack Light - Mk2 Clio 1.2 16V

    Basically, last night I stalled the car coming out of Tesco. I noticed upon restarting the car that the coilpack light was on, and the car had gone into limp mode, 2,500 rpm is pretty much all it will give me, and reduced power/torque too. I got it home, turned it off and on again, seemed...