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  1. roachy1994

    renault sport sabelt harnesses

    Evening all, Just wondering where I can purchase these harnesses as I have seen a couple of sets but have never seen were I can buy them from :) Cheers
  2. M

    Renault Clio 1.2 - Front Bumper - Fog Light Caps?

    Hi there, Since my Clio has black caps on where the fog lights are meant to go, I want to know how to remove them? anyone know how? Thanks Mark
  3. 5

    Renault clio 182 OMP steering wheel fitted now have airbag and service lights on?

    Hi guys just joined the forum today so do go easy on me if this is a common fault. I have had my RS clio 182 for a few years now however no decided to have a little play about with it now it's been my daily runner for the last few years now so now I have brought the newer RS clio 197 and got the...
  4. TRH_Racing

    Driving the Renault Zoe today!

    So my 182 is in for repairs .. yet again and Renault have given me a Zoe until tomorrow First impressions, im having a fair laugh in it only because i can hear everything and theres no noise (obviously) its a bit crap in eco mode but when thats turned off its pretty speedy up to about 50 used...
  5. G

    2003 Renaultsport Clio 172, belts done, dephaser, full cup suspension refresh

    Our 172 is now on eBay:
  6. Rich-D

    Renault Laguna 2.0T Track Car on eBay

    Selling my track car, have a look >>>
  7. Fraserb

    Back in a clio renaultsport

    After selling my 172 cup in 2009 i am finally back in one. Well a 182 FF anyway. Just bought a one owner car with fsh and only 71k on the clock with every receipt and invoice for any work done totalling over £5.5k. It has been well looked after. [/URL]
  8. K

    Ideas for my Renault Clio mk2 campus 06

    Purchased myself a Renault Clio mk2 campus 06 from a local garage with 6 months warranty and 37k miles done on it, it's a 1.2 and is my first car I'm looking for any suggestions that won't be costing me much to get it looking that much nicer below is listed mods I've done so far Front Angel...
  9. R

    New to the Renault scene

    Good morning all. Just purchased my first ever Clio. Track teady and stripped out 182 with half roll cage, bucket seats and some little mods thrown in as well. No history on the belts being changed and the car is on 71k so this will be getting done. How much should I be looking at for this...
  10. J

    How much do Renault charge for can change

    How much do Renault charge for 182 cam change? Website says from £200. How much are parts etc? Can you buy parts and give them then to make cheaper (probably not). Just had my belts change but wishing I went to Renault as you get 1 year guarantee so I presume if anything breaks with it they fix...
  11. StuOwen86

    Evo magazine after a RenaultSport Megane Trophy/R

    As title just seen this if anyone one here
  12. NX-STEP

    Renault to stop making engines.

    See it on the news, well its was in the caption box at the bottom of the screen while the anchor talked about the news of the day.
  13. J

    Renault Clio RS 200

    Hi I'm new to Cliosport and thought I'd show everyone what I've just bought! I bought a Clio RS 200 today in black with renault I.d interior which was one of the reasons I was drawn to the car! I'm just wanting to find out what modifications other people on here have done with their 200's that...
  14. 1

    2002 Renault Clio Excl. History Help

    Hi I own a 2002 Renault Clio 172 Excl. I am trying to trace the history as the kick plates with the no. are missing. Does anyone have an idea how best to trace which no mine is ? Lots of bils and V% but driver pack was missing. Reg is HN02 ZRF Thanks
  15. Matt e

    World series by Renault

    few pictures from today, wasn't as big as when it was last here i thought. loved the RS.01 DSC_1476 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1484 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1494 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1499 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1517 by matt eaton, on Flickr DSC_1519 by matt eaton, on Flickr...
  16. Ash J

    Clio 200 Raider at Seward Renault Portsmouth... Who Has Bought It?

    Saw a Clio 200 Raider at my local Seward Renault in Portsmouth today. 'Sold' sign in the window, just wondered if anybody on here had bought it?
  17. T

    Renault Sport Stickers in 182 wheels

    What about this? :tongueout: It's only photoshop... for now! I'm thinking about making some stickers for my wheels.
  18. Paris 182

    Renault 5 Heaven

  19. Tyler@Ultimate

    RENAULT CLIO SPORT 172 Wrapped in Matte Metallic Blue

    My clio is now on eBay. grab a bargain.
  20. J

    Help needed determining renault clio II central locking diagram (pic)

    Hi, im trying to replace my old car alarm (aint going as smooth as i thought :)) and i was hopeing if anyone can tell me witch central locking diagram clio 2 uses? ( pls refer to pictures) regards, J.Helm
  21. R

    Renault clio 2009 gt wiper issue

    Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone could help me I recently had a sized wiper spline and it was stopping my wipers from working. I took the wiper arms off along the other bits I unsized it and greased it and now when I put it bk on. my wipers won't Park on the first setting and even when. I...
  22. R

    Renault clio 2009 gt wiper issue

    Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone could help me I recently had a sized wiper spline car I took the wiper arms of along the other bits I unsized it and now when I put it bk on my wipers won't Park on the first setting and even when. I turn the engine of the stay half way up the...
  23. S

    Upgrade to better standard Renault Stereo on 197?

    Hey guys, My 197 has a bog standard CD player which I'd like to upgrade. I don't want to get an after market headunit as I don't like the look so I'm looking at upgrading to a better standard Renault system. I know some 197s have an MP3 compatible CD player like the one in the pic (not from a...
  24. A

    Retro Renault at its best!!!

    My Phase 1 GT and Raider. Condition would put many cars to shame.
  25. R

    Hello, returning to Renaultsport at long last..

    Hi All, Being a longtime fan of a hot French hatch (106 Rallye, 205 gti, 172cup) and after having wandered a bit (Cooper s, family responsibility carrier and currently family unfriendly mx5 mk2) it's time to come back to the fold. Currently looking for a tidy 182 to cover all the bases (3 doors...
  26. OL11TAL

    Where to buy Renault Sport Alpine NumperPlate Holder / Surround

    I've currently got a Renault Sport Alpine Number plate surround on the rear and the plastic is getting old. I think it looks quite good but can't seem to find any for sale. Anybody know what I can get one?
  27. H

    Renault clio 182 rs2 inlet

    Can anyone's tell me where I can buy a rs2 inlet from? Hearing good things about them on here so I want to purchase one, and what else do I need to do to run it? Cheers
  28. S

    Renault Clio GT TCE mods

    I have a Renault Clio GT TCE 1.2 2011 and I was wondering if anyone knows of many modifications I could do to it ?, I should be receiving a k tec panel filter soon and I've done basic styling such as blacked wheels, badges and wind deflectors.
  29. Leo 5

    Oz f1 16 " centre bore non renault set

    Hi I'm sure I've seen a few none Renault ( without the lip on the outside ) 16 " oz f1 on 172 / 182, but can anyone confirm the centre bore ?
  30. M

    Renault Clio 2013

    Hello :) I have a few questions that I would really appreciate any information on. Sorry to bundle them all together. The car I have is a Renault Clio Dynamique S MediaNavmodel 898cc petrol. - Could I replace the rubber piping with steel for louder turbo noise? - As it has turbo could I fit a...