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  1. L

    Renault Clio 2003 1.2 16v strut size

    Hello I was just wondering if anybody new what strut size a Renault Clio 2003 1.2 16v Is as I'm buying some Coilovers for my car
  2. T

    Newbie to the renaultsport thing...

    Well looking for a daily with a bit of power, i looked at all the usual cars i have owned from civic vti's to starlet turbo too all things vag. But for some reason iv got my heart set on a 172 cup. Going to pick one up on the weekend 94k miles full service history, hopefully its a good one...
  3. O

    First renault... Iceberg 172

    managed to get out for some photos :)
  4. M

    Renault Clio 172 issues (Throttle body & refusing to start)

    Hi there, having several issues with my 2003 Clio Sport :( if anyone could help it would be awesome! 1) Car will sometimes refuse to start, will try to crank and then just stop, wont start. Car red light on hud is on and the hud goes nuts (the pointers for the dials jitter) Will work for a...
  5. cascroft2011


    Hi everyone. I made an account here because i wanted to share some news with you guys. The 1993 Renault Clio featured on PIMP MY RIDE UK is for sale at the moment for just £1,995 or best offer on eBay. the car has been fully pimped and has had over £15,000 spent on it. here is the link...
  6. M

    Renault Clio GT (128)

    Just wanting to know what kind of Induction Kits/ Air filters can be fitted to the 09 Clio GT (128) if any? I'm not really too knowledgable about the subject so I'm a bit stuck... Any help would be greatful :)
  7. J

    Sourcing/Renting Renault Cambelt Change Tools

    Hey guys. I am doing my cambelt and am looking to buy or rent the Renault tools as listed below. If you rent them out then please contact me. Or if you know where to buy them then please tell me. Thanks! - Mot. 799-01 (I think this is a tool to turn cam pulleys) - Mot. 1054 TDC Crank Pin - Mot...
  8. Dark Side

    World Series By RENAULT is back at Silverstone 2015

    Tickets are now on sale for the 2015 event at Silverstone. Early booking discount applies before July 15th £8 per adult otherwise it's £10 Tickets can be booked through the official website at Tickets are supplied via email and...
  9. W

    What if renault made a megane cc rs

  10. M

    Renault clio

    Please can someone help me I've missed placed my radio code can't find it anywhere. Says tor128 on side of stereo and also bottom right r128. Can some 1 tel me my correct code pls.
  11. M

    What do these Renault Clio Relays do?

    Hi guys, Would anyone know that each of these relays do(I've attached a picture) their from the engine block? I got a Renault Clio 1.6L RXE 1999, Automatic with AC. Thank you.
  12. JamesT2992

    Renault Clio 182 Headlamp Washer Fail

    Hi just found out my Headlamp washer jets on my Renault Clio 182 are not working. Just wondered if anyone has any idea why this is? Or if anyone has any help on how to fix it, or if I'll need a new washer pump? I've checked the fuse and the fuse was okay and not blown. Thanks James.
  13. JamesT2992

    Renault Clio 182 Xenon Headlight

    Hi just found my Renault Clio 182 Xenon Headlight on the nearside is continental. Just wondering if there is a switch I can flick to, switch in between the continental and UK. Or would I have to buy a new headlight. Thanks James.
  14. C

    Renault Dealership - Discount

    Morning, Probably a bit optimistic but couldn't find an answer on any existing threads.... Do members get a discount at Renault dealerships for parts? Labour? In particular, the Derby branch at Bristol Street Motors. Thanks in advance :-) Chris
  15. K

    A Few Updated Pictures Of My Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup

    Ive owned the old girl for nearly 4 years now and i love it more each day. Ive spent a fair amount on her now in trying to get her into the best condition possible. Its not my daily and hardly ever gets driven only apart from shows and meets. Its almost finished to the standard ill be happy...
  16. gilmour182

    Renault wiring diagrams

    Hi, it's a long shot but hope someone can help. The wife's 2010 Laguna coupe has an abs fault. I'm looking for a wiring diagram as the fault is sensor open circuit. But sensor replaced and the fault won't clear and remains the same. Been a paid member on here for many years and hope someone out...
  17. MarcB

    2007 Renault sport 197 F1 R27 (£3500)

    Not what it seems so just a heads up to users and there own cars !!
  18. Malachi

    Renault Specialists in EoE

    Hiya, Who does everyone use for garage work? I only ask as I'm looking to get a remap, and my cam belt is due next year. When I lived in London I used to use JMS/Two Techs, then I moved to Essex/Suffolk and I began to use Dan at 519. Obviously he has now gone AWOL and a lot of stuff has been...
  19. N

    renault clio is only getting 1.3v from fuse to instrument panel

    renault clio is only getting 1.3v from fuse to instrument panel any ideas please
  20. L

    Renault wind - 1.2 TCE

    After an absolutely awful experience with a Mercedes C200 coupe, I decided to go back to renault after previously owning a twingo GT, took £4500 out and went and brought this car with 22,000 on the clock FSH not everyone's cup of tea but I see potential
  21. _Tom

    Loads of Renaultsports Cheddar gorge on Sunday

    Saw loads about. Anyone from here? What an awesome evening.
  22. P

    Renault Clio R27 F1 and McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom

    Been on camp the weekend as we have had the Apaches out displaying over the weekend at Duxford. So with the spare time I had waiting on their return. I treated the Clio to a wash and then popped over to do some work on the resident F4 Phantom. So I thought I would get a few cheeky snaps. I...
  23. 7


    Afternoon! Just tried visiting the dedicated DCI forum but there doesn't seem to have been any activity on there for a while. Does anybody know if the forum is still going or just not very popular?
  24. K

    Renault Clio 2002 wont turn over

    Hey, Looking to get a bit more information before heading back to the garage with my car. Recently replaced on it - Plugs and leads, coil pack, alternator belt and crankshaft sensor. Problems first started as a chug, when I pulled away at a junction I'd feel it struggling to go. The chug got...
  25. LewBam

    Renault Gearbox Contribution

    Bought myself a 57 plate 197 R27 a week ago and it's started the 3rd gear crunch. This is obviously pretty worrying but I paid a decent price so a gearbox rebuild should take it up to about average price. Been quoted £600 and £650 for the repair on the syncro. Would be great to get RUK on the...
  26. A

    Renault 5 GT turbo

    Just placed a deposit on this, phase 1 with zero rust, one of if not the cleanest i have ever seen. Zero welding as well. Just over 200bhp, comes complete with phase 1 seats. Interior needs some work but exterior has just had a glass out respray so hard work done. s**t pics but will update...
  27. Oliver Holmes

    Cheap Aux belt and tensioner from Renault Direct!!! £70 inc VAT

    Hi guys, Rang Renault in Norwich (Holden) a few days ago for a price on Aux Belt and tensioner and got a quote for £190 for separate item but for some reason if you by the belt and tensioner together they are only £70!!! for both! well cheap... Ordered... fitted and smug!
  28. MGF91

    Renault Sport Bullets Respray

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forum, sorry if not. I want to respray my Renault Sport bullet badges black and then change the Renault Sport lettering to AG to match my car... My only problem is, where to I find AG paint, or the next closest matched colour? Thanks
  29. Barnett

    197 Renaultsport badge positioning

    Just removed the old-fashioned looking standard renaultsport badge from my boot and have a 197 style badge waiting to go on. I was just wondering what people used to make sure it was positioned correctly? Has anyone measured out where it should be to be sort of inline with the Clio badge on the...
  30. D

    Renault clio 182 headlights

    Hi i have a RB clio 182 and looking for a new passage headlight, can i just buy one of the ebay like this and take the old one out and fit this one will the xenons still work. Ta...