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“Charlotte” The 182 FF


ClioSport Club Member
So moving the thread on, the car is non à write off (cat N) so I can start looking at getting it back on the road.

i have sourced all the parts I need and should have them tomorrow.

Going to take the opportunity to fix some other stuff so might be off the road for a little while but I’m okay with that.

As she stands



ClioSport Club Member
So I’ve made a very early start, I need to get the front wing off which means taking the skirt off so I’ll get on to that, in the meantime I cut the wing off with a saw to see what was going on, worst of it seems to be the bracket at the front that I’ll need to straighten out.

I’ve decided to get two new headlights as Hella units are still available, that way they’ll be nice and fresh and match as well.

I’ve got a front wing and wing mirror on the way, they’ll need painting along with the front bumper, might get the other front wing and bonnet painted as well so it matches well


ClioSport Club Member
Small start but feels surprisingly positive.

i have a wing mirror and spare wheel and I’ve taken the skirt off…

Wong mirror was an easy job, the cover had embarked on a solo trip and is actually not really damaged so fitted that then gave the area a quick clean and swapped the whole unit over.



Next I drilled out the rivets and pulled the skirt off, pleasantly surprised to see it’s in great condition underneath, only a few areas that need some minor attention.


Finally picked up a spare wheel, been looking for a while and as it came with a centre cap and it was close to me I grabbed it, needs some tlc but I’ll get them all done anyway so no bother there, also means I’ll be less worried about driving further as one worry was getting a flat tyre and no way of repairing it.


the new front wing should be here Monday then I can get the fitment right before I go away for a couple of weeks, I’ll order the headlights on my return then I’ll have everything I need to get it back on the road.


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