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172/182 Guide. Cup Packs/Spec Info Sport Clio Guide.pdf

Thanks to Jenic for putting it together.

For more information on bolt spacing, the only way to tell for sure if your 182 has cup suspension, can be found here >>

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Great guide, just what I needed to understand, thanks!
Has anyone driven a non-Cup and a Cup suspension car?
My main passion is suspesion, is it worth waiting for the right suspension Cup (or FF) car instead of a "normal" non-Cup version?
I guess the wider track makes the car more stable and predictable?
ive had a standard 172,a 182 and now a 172 cup,the diff for me the cuphandles better and feels more rewarding to drive but man you feel every bump and knock on the road lol,the cup the most fun car ive had after 205 1.9gtis.clio 182 saxo vts etc get 1
So in order to convert a "standard" 182 to a "Cup suspension" 182, what does it involve?

Cup hubs and dampers/springs at the front and Cup springs at the rear?
I have an 04 172. Didn't know I had cruise control? Havnt found a button for it?
anyone know?
Hey guys I have heard that clio 182 cup suspension can be fitted to a clio 172 with some modifications. Wondering if anyone could walk me through the mods that would need to happen for this to fit my car?

Seen a guy asking what parts are needed to convert a non cup 1*2 to cup specs in the expert section on the site and the answer was that the costs will be prohibitive and the better way is to sell the car and get a cup packed instead..
Now as far as I know the 182 cup for example has:
different front hubs
different springs and shocks
may have different lower arms to regular 182
not sure about the subframe though
These are parts that are not that expensive to get, or there are other mods involved that I (or we) don't know about (ie chassis reinforcement and stuff like that)?
anyone knows the brake master cylinder diameter in a 182 with the cup pack? As far as I know it's slightly larger than non cup cars
This is brilliant. Confirms the Inferno Orange I’m picking up soon is FF. I’m new to Clio’s, I heard that some have different bolt spacing on the front struts, 154mm 160mm? Might be keeping my eye out for a set of coilovers so would be good to know which I should look out for 🙂
Sorry I have to disagree. The term full fat has been around a long time. Used to describe a non-lightweight variant, so yes there is a 172 full fat as there is a lightweight 172. Whatever coincidence there was with the dealer option, it is only that … a coincidence! Full fat 182 is simply not a cup.