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172 cup making a whinning noise.

  320td Daily XR2t Toy
My cup is making a whinning noise. Goes up and down with the engine. Its had its cam belt and dephase in the last 2 years and within 10k. There was mention in the paper work of the water pump as well so dont think its that but could it be the aux tensioner? And does the cup aux belt only come with a shorter belt or is it quite a bit different?

Cheers James
  172 Cup
It sounds like I have a similar whinning problem. I had my cam/aux belt + dephaser pulley done last week @ Rentech and I asked them to check over the car for any other bits that need doing. He advised i change the track rod ends and rear disks+pads as one of the bearings had gone but didnt say anything about the 'whine'

I'v only had the Cup a couple of weeks so not to sure if thats just how the engine is meant to sound as lots of guys on hear say they are a rough sounding engine. Possibly gearbox or water pump causing the whine?

Any thoughts from other 172 Cup owners as to how the engine should sound?