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197 Brake Pads - Alternatives

  197, M3, Ronart + KTM etc
Has anyone tried out the Carbon Lorraine or Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads on the standard Brembo front disk set up? If so, can you advise if you found an improvement, or not ;)

Can't afford to replace the Disks and Pads at the moment, so hoping this will resolve the poor braking performance I'm encountering. I've bought a Service Kit off ebay, so that I can replace the pins etc. as I've heard some members found their pads and the retaining pins were sized :dapprove:
I'm using TRW front & rear pads.






  197, M3, Ronart + KTM etc
Hi Raptor. Thanks for the quick response. How do you find these, in comparison with the standard (Brembo/Ferodo?) pads. I noted on the pic's that they're stamped 'Renault' on the TWR pads, so wondering where you got them and how much they were?

Looks like you had a total refurbishment on the calipers, or did you take them apart and just clean them? If so, what chemical cleaner did you use?


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane RS280
Are your pads glazed?
The brakes on my 197 were emense.
Have you boiled the fluid or old fluid?


ClioSport Club Member
ive got DS2500 on mine i also didnt replace the discs due to cost, cant say they make a huge huge difference on the road but my old pads were fading badly under heavy breaking so decided to upgrade rather than de-glazing my old ones. Now when i really stamp on the anchors they just dont let go and they were epic round cadwell park.

Think your wise to replace the pins i havent had a problem with mine they seemed to come out fine with a bit of WD40 sprayed on but would be a nightmare if you bent one without having a spare set