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225 Clio Build

Well a few parts coming through the door in the past couple of days,

turbo oil feed pipe

bottom end gasket set, will only be using the sump gasket and water pump gasket as i have no clue what the rest are lol

All new millers engine oil, gearbox oil and motul coolant

​and also dropped my engine mount cam cover and alternator brackets off at powder coating to be done in silver this is the before picture

Hopefully I will be able to get up to start to put the manifold and turbo on aswell reseal the sump as it had a slight leak at Fraser next week, as I dont have a garage to do it and fraser whos was kind enough to loan me his garage to do the build and help pick up the engine and turbo for Steven
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So you know pal, In your gasket set you can use sump gasket, timing chain cover gasket, water pump gasket and water pipe take off o-ring, crank seals and the rest are for other f4r's and some for the f7r iirc. If you miss any seals out make sure its not the gearbox side crank seal as that's box out job ;)
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Looking good mate. Should look good in silver, nice choice.

The only seal it needed was the sump gasket.

Nice plug for Fraz, how much did he chew your ear for that? Lol
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Im forgetting its your old engine that's recently been built.
Yeah, every seal was changed when it was built then I had and issue with oil pump chain cover so changed the gasket for that along with the crank oil seal.
Yeah I know tall deals were changed ill just keep them as spares for if the engine is ever rebuilt again,

yeah thought I'd keep the blue rocker as the bright part lol

Hahaha no that much tbh
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sound, I need to get along to see stu as well so will give you a bell after dinner or at some random time during the day if i get a chance.
Nice write up on this. Look forward to seeing it finished. Why run the 172 cams tho if you are running the megane crank and pistons?
Well new turbo studs arrived in the post so headed to Fraser's to make little progress got the turbo bolted to the manifold and also got the down pipe on

Got the motivation to get it started again just waiting on a space in Fraser's garage and I shall get started


Well finally got of my butt and resealed the sump even tho one of the bolts was f***ed had to use a Dermel to grind it out.



Car goes of the road Monday night to start the swap can't wait
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Getting there. Need to finish the inlet manifold which I have all the parts for now just need them welded and also finish the down pipe, vernier pulleys and then get the engine all build up.

At this rate I should have it finished by christmas. :eek:


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