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3 hours later (pic)

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Just spent 3 hours getting it to look like that so thought id post a pic! Looks a lot better with the 17s on but definately reduced performance. Only put em on cos I got a wrecked tyre the other day and the spare looks minging. The tyres are about bald the standard rims are goin back on till payday. Just need to get the puncture tyre replaced lol

Couldve at least taken the pic in full sun-shine, rather than half covered with a tree shadow!

TuT-TuT.........Part-timers LoL :D

Nice - I saw a Valver in Carlisle the same colour with the same alloys the day I bought my Willie - It wasnt you was it?
  Ford Fiesta

looks like you have a Ricjbrook tax disc holder same as me. I am not looking forward to putting new tax disc in this month all them allen screws and so near the dash air vents :-(
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Yeah iv think iv got a slow puncture in the front left. As for the splitter I sold my standard one and had a PMC one on. Now sold that so Im buying another rubber one from Mat next sat when I pay a visit to HP. Does actually look sh*te without it. Too high

Iv never been to Carlisle mate. Theres one near where I work exactly the same too.

Yeah its a Richbrook one, bit of a fukcer but i managed to do it yday fairly quickly.