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306 Rallye

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

My mate last nite picked up his new white 306 Rallye - went for a spin in it last nite and how fast is this car??? Raced him in my 16V and it decimated me after 3rd...thought the GTI 6 were fast but jesus - if u ever get to race one beware.....

The car is very basic - no electrics, passenger air bag, leather or lighten the weight of the car i think...

I am impressed, but for 7 grand....couldve bought a nice willy and a few mods for that, or maybe a 172...


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My friend has a gorgeous black one and I can assure you that the Rallye is a quick car and it sounds great too. The 306 has more space inside than the Willy and a bigger boot too. Probably a better all round buy than a Renault, having had an S16 Pug myself and now have a Clio. Much easier for mechanics to work on too!! You know how they love the Clio!!
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

It does sound good - it has a K&N on it already, but the rest of the car is totally standard...bit of a flying machine methinks...

Just got my clio back from having a new clutch cable fitted, Mr Mechanic was telling me what a pleasure it was to work on....not hahaha

if the 306 rallye is half as much fun as the 106 rallye it will be a great car to own/drive

if it uses the same/similar short rario gerabox it could be so much fun to drive round country lanes

im sure it is a short ratio box, but nlike most cars the 6th gear is a fully driveable gear, not just a cruising gear

The 306 Rallye is 16kg lighter than its big brother the GTi-6, thats not really alot, everything else is the same (gearbox, brakes etc) but these are quick cars, the gearing after 2nd is in 20mph intervals (ie you change at the red line and you have 20mph before changing at the redline again) so they are closer together and right in the power band. This is the reason i sold my 19 16v and bought one a few years back (a GTi-6 that is) as it was just mucho better ;)

  TT 225

I used to have the 106 Rallye, loved that car. Test drove the 306 Rallye and was going to buy it til the Willy came along and was half price. The only reason i never bought the Rallye.. :)

the performance isnt what makes the car so good, its the sheer b@lls out fun you can have in it

although it reaches 60 in just under 9secs, has a top speed of somewhere in the region of 120mph
  TT 225

Quote: Originally posted by JonL on 16 November 2002

Whats teh performance like on a 106 rallye?
yea, as above - its just that the car is just fun! Revved to somewhere in the region of 7,250rpm and sounded like a bloody motorbike :D

It was so much fun that after it was written off by some drunk driver (id sold it by then) I bought it back and put the engine in my saxo, hehehe