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Aaron182 Milehouse road Plymouth and Iceberg 172 Plymouth

  PB Clio 172
just saw you I was in my Golf at 15.45 just passed the Brit

Car was looking good ! First time I have seen your Clio is it on Collies?

Second was a 172 standard with a twin exhaust exit :boring: on Alma Road at 15.45 going to town
  LY 172
that be the black golf with the pink sun shades ? =P

cheers. yeah its on coilovers if thats what u ment ?

you dont hang around do you...
  PB Clio 172
Na I do not have pink on any of my cars ! lol so that wasnt me

Car looked good. I would love coilovers !

Couldnt of been me I don't break the 30 limit in the Golf(around town neways)
  LY 172
Oooh. Someone else was checking me out aswell then. Haha. Tbh. My coilovers are horrible. Good for looks. But far to soft.
  PB Clio 172
well they do look good. Your exhaust looked good too, very solid which isnt what we say normally about the 182 exhaust! lol