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AlexW's Driveway Antics :)

Not had any time to get on with this, been too damn busy.

I'll start with the amazing bargain I got recently... Clio DCi 100 pedalbox, Hydraulic clutch conversion made super easy!
Few pics for those of you that may want to see it/haven't seen one before. Oh, I paid £40 posted for it lol.



I'll mate it to a 172 Servo, and 406 V6 M/C, with the 406 reservoir which has the output for clutch!

The other day I removed the studs that held the standard gearstick, and bolted up the Megane shifter, Worth noting its 6speed, with reverse next to 6th, which confused me for a little while lol. I certainly need to heat wrap the cables lol.


I did fit up the DCi 100 pedal box today, but didn't finish it, or get any pics.
Project has been getting me down a bit, but I'll get it done, its just a lack of time!

Maybe some more progress over the weekend.
I originally wanted it done by xmas (this year!) but with work complications etc, I don't think that'll happen :(

Will just get it done as soon as I can, Hopefully intime for shows and trackdays next year lol.
Few bits to update, nothing major, just been figuring things out etc.

Mocked up the induction and boost pipes, couple of mods required on the boost pipes, but this will work.. Once I get the extra joiner.

Also got to sort this mess out

List of things to do now are...

Bulkhead heatshield
Tidy fuel pipes
Finish boost pipes
Finish coolant pipes
Finish induction pipe
all the wiring & ecu
Clutch pipe

Getting closer I think
Got some shed of a Ph1 clio last night @Dr Jekyll


Apparently its Iceber....

Got lots of it stripped, didn't find too many issues, infact barely any, rare!

Other than lots of dirt.

Ripped engine out

Empty bay, inc removed sound deadening s**t.

More tomorrow.
  172 cup, Impreza P1
Fair play to you mate for doing all this on your driveway. I do all mine on the drive but the weather is a massive pain in the as.s. just shows how much better the weather is in Essex compared to glasgow.

Love the box swap too. Do you need a new flywheel for that swap?
Fair play to you mate for doing all this on your driveway. I do all mine on the drive but the weather is a massive pain in the as.s. just shows how much better the weather is in Essex compared to glasgow.

Love the box swap too. Do you need a new flywheel for that swap?

Thats probably slightly true, I do happen to pick good days, and the bad I have a Gazebo for.

I actually converted the 1.9 to a SMF before I put the engine in the Clio, so no issue with that when changed to Megane box..


ClioSport Club Member
Was going to text you and ask how the conversion was going. Looks good matey.

I always wondered what the writing was on the clios. My ph1 had "35 GT" written on it though!
  Cup In bits
Kudos on getting stuck in, you're not shy to try anything. Do the1.9 dci' have a following in the tuning world?

I can't help but notice your dog bone is just going to break bolts. Personally I would make a mount that bolts to the engine/box..... Just like the part of the front g/box mount that's welded to the subframe and then have an evolve style dog bone. That will give you rotation then?
Theres certainly more people tuning the 1.9's than the 1.5, and the scope is a lot bigger.

We did think this at the time, Going to keep an eye on it but we reckon its going to break the mount first, mind theres very little movement in the engine after the front mount. Did think at the time its going to need a rethink.
  Cup In bits
What sort off power are you expecting? Sorry if it's been asked.

Fair enough... I thought you could maybe take advantage of off the shelf dog bones like the evolve jobbie. Would save you a headache when your replacng them monthly with all that torques :wink:.
Its certainly something I am expecting to sort at a later date. I'd probably use a Ph1 evolve design, since it'd be easier to make. The front mount is polybushed too, and keeps it damn tight without the rear mount in place anyway.

As for power, straight away it should be circa 120/130bhp and 220lbft, I think the injectors max to at circa 170bhp, but I'd like to aim for well over 200bhp tbh.
I'm already planning a hybrid turbo rebuild, as my turbo is damaged.
Bit more progress on @Dr Jekyll 's car...

Got the box back from Agency...

Forgot to get many pics tbh, Basically before I put it back in, Newly painted lots of bits, Inc box due to Mark himself.



Threw it back in

Terrible pic...

Filled the box with...

However the box leaks, from the end plate, Cheers Agency lol.

Quick list of what its had...

Powerflex Black Rack Bushes
Nimbus Heatshield
Cam cover re-sealed (Loctite 518)
Cam seals
Cambelt kit
Water pump
Aux belt kit
Inlet gaskets
oil filter
Changed alternator pulley to the later 182 metal type.
Valeo Clutch
Spark plugs
Changed gearstick for a refurbished item
Cat fitting kit

Thays what I've done so far, Still loads of bits to come really.

Hopefuly have it done this week, as I have another 182 I've bought.

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
This picture makes me feel a little bit sick. :fearscream::fearscream::coldsweat::coldsweat:
Its a mess in that picture. Lots of bits weren't painted due to time and Mark isn't wanting a show winner, just tidier.


ClioSport Club Member
Due to work I haven't had a lot of spare time and with the parts that did get sprayed, I was limited to the spray guys at work.

As Alex said, I just wanted it cleaner. It's going to look better after than before and thats what I wanted along with it running correct with the big service.
Barely any pics....

Started getting it together....

Then got it over to work....

Changed fuel filter (for those that don't know, Ph1 only).. I did do more than just fuel filter lol.

But, the main point.... Yes the heatshield is not done. Mark is doing that because hes... picky.

So, its had f**k loads of other bits...
Positive battery terminal (even though you can't see it lol)
Elf engine oil and gearbox oil
Header tank
nimbus heatshield
Inlet gaskets

I forget what else.

Edit: OH yeah I fixed the oil leak, new seal thanks to Agency damaging it.

To give credit to Mark etc, it turned my Clio hating boss into somebody who did respect it lol.