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Anyone have a way of calming the tale wagging on the 172.


What I mean is when I brake heavyly the tale goes from side to side. Even tho lowering the car has cakmed it down it can still get you into trouble. Anyone got a solution to calm this effect down?. Ive had a lot of brown trouser moments because of this.



just what happens when you brake hard in a car...cant expect electronic to do everything...we went thought this a few days ago didnt we.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Check that the rears arent locking up firstly. Then always try to brake in a straight line to avoid it happening. Thirdly dont brake so hard.

yes !!

fist, as some of the guys say.. lol.. dont brake so hard.. @D

you make the need to alter angles (ie - flick the steering wheel) reduced by fitting my modded arms with increased castor KPI angle... (sooooon),,, - along with -25 PR15 springs.

You soften up the rear and add new progressive springs with the original dampers.. you set shims in the rear hubs to achieve a 0 tolerance toe setting of 0 degrees.....

you then lower the front by 1 inch and the rear (unladen) by 1.25 - 1.5 inches..

reset all geometry.. and play....

and........ you lower the back pressures by 2-4 psi..

  172 sport,

is this problem only on mk2s or mk1s aswell if only mk2s there has to be a design fault as you cant always brake softly also does anyone else have brake failure when turning left at slow speeds but sharply mine does it if the l/h rear wheel is off the ground the abs cuts in and the pedal goes solid and you lose all brakes hit a fence the other day but luckily as i was going well slow it only just touched it

any thoughts on this ?????


ak.. I might just do that


ooooooooooo Yogi.. ma man...

that is NOT a triat or charaacteristic ma man..

that is a problem.. that u need to get fixed.!!!



  172 sport,

will have to wait till after donny south dont think a courtesy car will look right on the cliosport stand although would be cool if theres a burn out competion