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Anyone know anywhere in Stoke with a Renault Clip Diagnostic tool?

  Clio Sport 172 /V6
Does anyone know anywhere in Stoke when're they have a clip computer to test the UCH? - I don't want to start disconnecting things and making my car worse.
Basically, my drivers window started to go potty, kept going down, every time I put it back up it wound down again with lots of clicking under the dash on passenger side. This happened for a few days, got into my car and now it won't open at a all, clicking from the dash when I press it up but nothing down.
Theres no water coming from my jets for the windows or headlights, can't even hear pump kick in, I wiggled some of the wires connecting the the UCH and the jets on the headlights started to work but nothing else. The next day that stopped. I also have a feeling my petrol light has stopped working and the display on my stereo disappeared for a week, which has suddenly come back to life now!... Cant seem to find any damp or corrosion, not really sure where to look and no fixes blown in the fuse box connected to the UCH.
  BG182ff,explod Focus
Madeley Heath Motors is (was?) run by a friend of Yozzas and he said it was a decent dealer so they should be able to help you out. No idea how much it would cost but there would be no harm asking to talk to the general manager and saying they had been recommended by Andrew Hughes and you might get a discount.
  Clio Sport 172 /V6
Ah great stuff cheers for that, maybe I will see if informing them that my dad bought his V6 from there, would sweeten them up LOL - I tried somewhere in biddulph, will cost about £50 to plug it in to see if an error occurs so worth a call! Ta :)