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Anyone know why the mk2 172’s weren’t completely c

Hello all,

was just wondering why did renao leave the plastic strip in the rear bumper, the front foglight surrounds, all the front grilles and the door mirror surrounds and fixing triangles all un-colour-coded?

Cost? or a more obvious reason. Thinks it looks odd, personally. Doesnt show up all that much on a black car, but the other colours do leave the black plastic bits standing out?

Any ideas?


I think the bit on the back bumper is for the reverse parking sensor than any new Clio can have fitted at the dealers. They just take out the strip and put another one in with the sensors in it - so yes, another cost thing. Dont know about the rest though.


it might just be that only a minimal amount of the clio owners would really want that ??..

I ant knocking it.. whatever pulls yer chain.. but I wouldnt want colour coding on my Flame Sport.

It can look a bit.. err... max power ish.....

need I say more lol

  320d M Sport

Yeah, Joe prefers to dump a Nasa rocket in the engine bay of his, then get some of those bigfoot wheels, then turbo it, then strip the car out.....and thats just for starters.....

  Skoda Fabia vRS

im surprised hes not started using bits of the 737 he has in his Clio hehe

you Joe, are completely crazy....

Its just that, to me, the car doesnt look "finished" with all the black/dark grey bits left over.

PLUS I keep getting a little wax on them, no matter how careful I am... DOH.

nother topic comin up. how to remove polish from trim.