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Anyone with Phase 2 Wheels

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Someone on ebay is selling 4 for £120 buy it now price.

I fancy having a proper alloy for the spare wheel so if anyone fancies joining together to buy the four please let us know. Maybe others would like one for the spare?

Also someone is selling the centre caps seperately in a quantity of 4.

£30 each if you get 3 more people.

Good to see all those Maths GCSEs/A-Levels not gone to waste on my part.

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Yeah, thought 30 quid for a wheel inc centre to be OK and that way get rid of the poxy steel spare. Interested Daz? Anyone?

Cant really afford it at the moment.

Just paid £40 for my exhaust to be made 3 1/2" higher to accomodate for new bumper.. didnt expect that.. Lots of hidden costs occuring!

Sorry mate.