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Ashman1994's Silver Dynamique 1.2

  1.2 Dynamique 2004
Progress thread from when I brought my car a month ago to now:


Sport grill brought from my local renault dealership and carbon wrapped front diamond


Carbon wraped rear diamond and blacked out clio badge



Carbon wrapped diamonds and interior trim.

Just a few subtle changes really dont like anything too drastic, anyone got any ideas of what else I could do?

Thanks Sam
good start mate, i would lower it about 45mm, get the wheels powder coated black? silvervision indicator bulbs, led number plate light litle things mate just to freshen the car up, colour codeing would look nice
Looking good Sam :p proper jealous of your grill. Will be getting my own one soon! We gotta take the cars for a photo shoot some time. Also, you really need some lowsssss
  1.2 Dynamique 2004
Bit of an update, began the colour coding and now have silver side strips, just gotta find door handles and the front and rear trim now!