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Best detail brushes & applicator pads?

As above.

I need some brushes for in between badges etc.

Currently use Black Magic pads, but not very impressed. They comprise of a foam pad with a stiff back. Problem is the stiff back starts to peel off quite quickly and is also easy to catch on the paintwork scratching the wax - this is probably down to my inexpert technique though :eek:

Any advice much appreciated
  106 GTi
I use a soft paint brush from and art shop with the metal part taped up and some quick detailer between badges.

Applicators for hand use, just the round yellow foam ones.
  106 GTi
Good brush not soft enough for me to risk on paintwork round the rear badges though.
  Fiat Coupe 20vt
I've just got some new little brushes in, Two way detailing brush basically a fat double ended paintbrush. It works well for just removing the polish residue from cracks etc. I still use the triple duty for round headlights etc though.

For polishing pads, the SFX applicators are very good also as the firmer side made from the same foam as the SFX-1 machine pads is really good for applying polishes, whilst the reverse sideis ideal for applying liquid waxes and selants.

Cheers Tim