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Bilstein B14 coilovers wont fit the mk1 172?

Received a reply from Bilstein saying that my mk1 172 is a variant model because my engine no. states F4RD730C010172. Bilstein has a B14 PSS for engine numbers without a 'D' behind the F4R, such as F4R 730xxxxx. Could they be mistaken? I thought the mk1 172 and mk2 172 are of the same chasis and platform? so if it fits the mk2 then mk1 shouldnt be an issue right? can anyone advise?

They are the same.

F4R is the engine type like Escort. 730 means the model type ie Cosworth.

C010172 is your fabrication type code.

I'm not sure if the D refere to a replacment engine from memory.
But the fronts suspension whilst having different part number between the phase 172 and phase 2 and stonger bits the shocks etc are a direct fitment.
thanks edde.

was thinking of the B14 PSS initially but will go with H&R now. Bilstein has lost a customer because their staff did not know his stuff... lol