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BTB RR results

Hello all
The results look a little dissapointing, but the pickup and the way the car drives has definatly changed for the better, torque started well low down and for some reason drops back off but is smoother,the same with power it also does the same higher up as well, gained 1BHP at peak, I can't post the results so I've sent the readout to Shiftspark and he'll post later.
2700-4300rpm loss of torque + BHP
5400-6100rpm loss of torque + BHP
6500-6800rpm gained 1-2 bhp.

As I said this would probably be helped with a remap but I'll see how the season goes with times, it does feel the opposite of the above figures, this was on RS Tunings rollers both runs same spec. As I do the sprints I'll post times from 2010 seaso, this years 2011 season.

I've spoken to Joe at BTB and he's quite happy for me to post results, it may as well be 172 beans as I stated but gives people an idea of what to expect, don't get to involved in the numbers.

Spec 2003 Clio 172 Cup, 55,000 miles all standard including airfilter and driver.

Regards Russ.........
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