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Clio’s at Max Live today...

Errr.... there were hardly any! (Not having a moan at clubs BTW, as I understand grievences held against Max Flower)

I spotted 2 V6s and about 3 valvers, maximum. Plus a Dimma 1.4.

Expected more to be honest

Im going down on sunday too, what time are people getting there?

Im from Solihull, so maybe we can meet up somewhere close before hand and go on in force ?



Ill be there on Sunday too. You gonna be parked out the back?
Ill be there in a sky blue 16v near a blue megane and Tigra.
Ill email ya mate.


I was supposed to be on show outside for all the 3 days but my drive shaft went on the way up there thursday night, so I made it but the valver didnt



I had to have my one towed home as the drive shaft went (got it back today)

The one with leather that you saw was quite nice but it had a horrible Carisma front end on it (ment to be on a 5 turbo).

I was well pissed off with mine fu*kin up on the way as I was supposed to be on show all 3 days.

Tony u can finaly see mine at Southend on the 3rd or at Donny South on the 17th and 18th providing it dont break again.


I was there in my 172 mk1, saw another new shape and told him about the club he didnt know. Had some fun with an impreza new shape on the way down. The Impreza driver was probably thinking "what the hell is that silver thing behind" he reailsed as he pulled aside....he...he. TimO


You should have had his shelf and gear stick gator away, they were leather!
You leather like his?

I had a play with a scooby too, on the way home.
Cought him out once but then he pissed on me.
A golf was being really anoying too, showed him the difference between a golf and a Clio tho.

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

mat + tony, saw both of you clios on the sunday.
Mat, A mate wondered why yours was there till he say the 2L spec sheet
Tony, saw you in the petrol station on the way back to, i was in a green laguna.
the 19s on the v6 looked good
  172 sport,

me n john only saw the one on display and one blue one outside on the grass couldnt stop as we were on the bus to car park
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

tony when i saw your car at the show you were no where to be seen and in the pertol station i was in the neils car and we didnt even fill up.
Didnt get any of the traffic cos i went to the MK cruise, i was hoping that i could get back to my car and meet up with you on the way but you were long gone by then.

BTW it took me 1 hour to get back from MK to gillingham, kent
Hopefully no speeding tickets.

Dont wanna hang about now do i!
Lucky you missed the traffic, took me 3.5hrs to get home! Lovely! Only 2hrs there tho which wasnt bad, and that was hanging back for my mates.

Well it took me from 6.45pm on thursday evening till 1am friday morning to get there as I broke down (drive shaft went).

RAC r sh*t!!! they took 2,1/2 hrs to get there. Spent an 1hr deciding what the problem was. Another 1 1/2 hrs to get a flat bed truck to tow the vehicle home. I then carried on to max in my mates saxo. Finaly got there around 1am.

2hrs to get home.