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Clio 182 Cup Inner Tie Rods

  Clio 182 Cup
Hi I have a clio 182 cup and one of the inner tie rods has some play in it when I give it a pull. When I grab the tyre at 3 and 9 o'clock positions and give it a wobble I can feel there is some play on that wheel too.

I notice at motorway speeds that you need to correct the steering slightly on long bends (similar to correcting for a cross wind on a motorway at speed) and it is a bit unnerving. There is also a knock from the front wheel at slow speed over rough surfaces and when cold on full lock at very slow speed (eg when doing a 3 point turn) there's a clicking sound.

I assume (or hope!) these are caused by one problem (ie the track rods) but not sure, maybe there's more than one problem so any advice is appreciated before I buy parts.

I understand that the outer tie rods are the same for all 182s (can someone please confirm?) but for the cup model the inner tie rods are longer.

I can see on micks garage these parts when I use my number plate to identify parts.. tie rods/renault/renault clio/clio mk ii 1998 to 2005/2.0 16v sport (cb0m)/169?fffBrand=SWAG~~~Quinton Hazell~~~NK~~~MEYLE~~~KAST~~~Firstline~~~Febi Bilstein~~~FAI AutoParts

There are a few manufacturers there and lengths seem to vary, does anyone know what to order/whether to avoid the cheapest ones or are any of them OK? Thanks.


ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
firstline are shite!! stopped using their stuff a good while ago, their stuff doesn't last.


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  Bean 182
firstline are shite!! stopped using their stuff a good while ago, their stuff doesn't last.

Agreed! Been there done that and then done it again a year later...

Digging up an old-ish thread here but what did you replace them with? If you look at my most recent thread I'm changing mine but I've got a choice of Q Drive which are apparently shite, the Firstline ones, FAI ones or genuine Renault ones.