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Clio Cup at Palmer Motorsports

I have just been speaking to my friend who went on a corporate driving Day at Palmer Motorsports. You get to drive all sorts of fun kit including a stripped out Clio Cup. Heres what he had to say about it.

The Clio cup car is a most phenominal bit of kit! I was expecting something more akin to a tuned 2ltr clio, butits just an out and out race car. and bloody fast!!

Itll be the one me and several others got to drive a few weeks ago.. and it aint no tuned road car. Bloody mental!! Highly recommended!!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Yeah they are great fun to drive, like a go kart and sooooo 0-100 in 10 secs! 6 speed sequential is great too, no clutch and just bang it into gear when you need to change.

Yeah, they are fantastic bits of kit!

On another topic, Im still trying to get my hands on the OMP strut brace that we saw when we had the tour of the garages, its code is MA-1850, if anyone knows where I could get one from (OMP in Italy havent been very helpful yet) Id be pleased to know.