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Clio Cup, white wheels...

  255 V6 Black Gold

Alright folks, got a mate who can professionaly make my cup wheels white........ and was wondering how they would look / peoples opinions...

so i took a photo from cliosport gallery (gary roses) cup and then found the cup wheels in white from google image search...then used about half an hour of time doing background erasing on the wheels and lining them up....whats your opinions on um?




ClioSport Club Member

theres loads of cups with white turinis, pics of them could have saved u pissing about!
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haha i never thought

plus i am still hungover from last night with nowt to do so.......

Can get them dipped for free,,,,so thinking of doing it....
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Quote: Originally posted by Dean on 06 March 2005

that cup looks odd

high at front low at the back imo u should go anthracite!
yeah but if you look at the wall you can see the car is on top of a hill. with the front end being on the thats whats making the front end suspension strech
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just look at that topic with them in black....

proper unsure which colour to go for now.....

To quote the Hovis ad with the cartoon kids in it "I know what I like and thats white white white! Do it mate, cup and white wheels go together like bread and butter! Black looks seriously bad against Cup blue and thats coming from someone who wants black wheels!

Ive got white turinis too, but mine are 17" ones - they look nicer imo, but they blunt acceleration a bit. NathanH also has 17" white ones, but cupcakes is the one to track down pics of if you want your 16s recoating.