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clio V6 glasgow city center

  Fabia vrs tdi
seen a silver clio v2 with some graphics on it but didnt get a chance to see what they were.

was just off george square between 10 and 11am today.

also gorgeous girl in a black clio 1.2 campus i think it was with maybe a prive plate at around 4.40pm today
  Fabia vrs tdi
well thats one way to advertise and to get noticed but i was too busy looking at the rest of the car , just never seen a v6 clio in glasgow until today
might have been like i said it looked covered in it, do u live around glasgow cat? and what u drive ??
I live the other end of the country. I drive the same thing, but Blue.

I did almost buy that car though, the dude bought it over the phone from a stealers. The silly stealers didn't tell me til I was literally round the corner :rolleyes:
  Fabia vrs tdi
god thats bad that is.

well i dont know if i would ever buy a v6 no where to put my dog unless on the roof