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Clios spotted around Leeds


ClioSport Club Member
Rb 197/200 at 5pm yesterday near cooper bridge roundabout chasing a mgzr. I was in the bp petrol station getting cash out


ClioSport Club Member
Nimbus Silver 197 spotted North Lane, Headingley. Blacked out badges and few other bits with .net sticker on rear drivers side window. No photo cos I was busy eating my breakfast wrap in Munch ?


ClioSport Club Member
Replaced the RB with that? Some upgrade if so, and massively jealous. Just needs to be red, and not purple.
nah, still dailying the RB. i’d just come back from collecting some wheels and i noticed your plate on the twingo. it’s actually a really deep metallic blue but looks purple in shitty cloudy weather ?

Followed a silver 182 (YU04 reg) through Holbeck and into city centre this morning.
(I'm definitely talking to myself on this thread now!)
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ClioSport Club Member
Spotted a red 197 (Very low!) At shell on Kirkstall road then going up canal road towards Armley yesterday.

Liquid Yellow mk3 sport (Couldnt tell if 197 or 200) parked opposite Woodrups just off Kirkstall Road.

Pearl Black Nonsport with sticker on rear window and sport grille driving onto the M1 at Wakefield Roundabout (Carr Gate Roundabout)