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Clios spotted around Leeds


ClioSport Club Member
inferno 182 at malton, PEZ

then seconds later another inferno 182 with bare metal written on the back window
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ClioSport Club Member
Full on Cup racer spec MK4 200, complete with spoiler, roof scoop and graphics on the A1 north bound near Redhouse/Doncaster.
Quiet on here again recently.
Had P3 DPL (Black 200 with some nice mods) parked next to me at Birstall Retail Park yesterday.


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  BG FF 182
This morning about 9:30 ish, Black 172 coming off Kirkstall Road, towards Armley Gyratory.

You honked I waved in my BG 182 :)
BG 05 plate in Ackworth, seen this parked up so many times. At one point it looked like it's been written off as it was horrifically scraped down the side

CLIO 200 MK4 Flamer coming out of Wakefield last night, had a cup spoiler.

LY Clio 200 MK4 Wakefield Home Bargains car park, had a cup spoiler and looked proper nice

RB 200 in Heckmondwike, again, common occurrence of a cup spoiler?