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Clios spotted around Leeds


ClioSport Club Member
2nd Saturday of the month mate.
Definitely worth going, especially if the weather is decent.
i always mean to go then by the time i've realised it's too late.

surprised you've never spotted me btw, i drive past ringways quite a lot.
  Full fat BG 182
Spotted a ph1 172 exclusive on m62 at about half 4 I didn’t get the full reg but I know the first few was. W*53***

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ClioSport Club Member
Spotted track ready 197 broken down near Wakefield on M62 yesterday, if you're in here.

Looked an awful place to break down with no hard shoulder, hope everything was okay!
Haha... my mate got lost following Google Maps and ended up cycling through there the other day and shared his experiences.
We were in the area last night, so thought we'd have a butchers.
Didn't even see any horses though, just the Phantom and a new RS6!

Back on topic:
- Modified yellow R27 F1 at White Rose this afternoon
- Modified black 182 on Ringways roundabout also this afternoon
  EP3 Type R
Seen a silver 172 pulling out of the Goals turning on Kirkstall Road a couple of times now, both times whilst I've been waiting to cross (my street is opposite).
Can't remember which day, but anyway incase anyone here is a Goals regular!


ClioSport Club Member
So I was sat in Munch cafe this morning in Headingley watching traffic pass by.

Spotted Liquid Yellow 197 (Princess Garage car)
Spotted Black 04 plate 182 with pressed plates

Both spotted North Lane, Headingley