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Clios spotted around Leeds

  Micra Daily Shed
I could take a better photo than that using my toaster!

C412OL R on an RB200 in Wortley yesterday afternoon, replaced a WRX I think.
  Micra Daily Shed
You must have a doppelganger mate!
Saw a silver 182 just like yours by Pizza Top yesterday.

Just saw a couple in Birstall this afternoon.
Red 197 Cup by Oakwell Hall and a black 197 Cup at Coach and Six lights.
  EP3 Type R
There was an Albi Blue 200 for sale down Kirkstall Road (GMC2000 Motors) for a little while, I kept meaning to post it here or on FB for anyone interested. However, the other day I literally saw the new owner driving it off the forecourt so beat me to it! Looked very clean.
  EP3 Type R
Yeah I viewed it as only a few streets from mine, was also an Oyster Grey Rs250 next to it.
They have started lining up performance cars along the front I've noticed, seen a few different motors over the months, last Summer they had an older model Monaro there and it had me creaming everytime I passed.