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*Completely toasted Ferrari!!!*

  CTR EK9 turbo

I went past them as if they were standing still! a whole collection of the buggers from F355s to 550s! thats right, completely slayed and drove past at about 5000 rpm. Yep, they were all parked up in the Maranello garage in Staines or is it Egham, well, wherever it was (next to a dual carriageway) thats where im going when i get the winning numbers on saturday!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Have driven past that garage many a time....drooling. Drove past an Aston Vanquish tonight gave him the thumbs up, he smiled and flashed me back....awesome looking car!

About 7 years ago for my 13th birthday(i think, cant quite remember) i got taken out in one of those ferraris. A yellow 355 to be exact, from what i can remember i think you donated money to a charity they were supporting and they took you out for a spin in one

It was great fun, the engine made the nicest sound Best present ever
  CTR EK9 turbo

dang! you caught me. Do you like my new shell suite? and grey armbands convertion? it gives me an extra 300 bhp and aids traction exiting corners....