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Cup/172 probs :(

Have some annoying probs with my Cup and wondered if anyone else has had anything similar and what the solution was? :( Other than driving it into the dealer right up to the service reception desk and setting fire to it ;)

Alarm keeps going off - seems that it thinks the door is still open, and hence wont lock using the central locking, nor alarm. Ive tried pushing the door pin switch in, but makes no difference - the red door open light and main light stays on even when the door is shut. Hence Ive had to lock it using the key, but cant alarm it or lock the boot

Also, the oil level warning came on earlier along with the SERV light - even though there is plenty of oil in the car. Eventually went away after a number of restarts and a wee drive.

Not to mention the 3 out of 4 other problems that the Dealer failed to fix when it was in on Friday, and then they kindly forgot to reconnect my radio as well :mad:

Not a happy bunny

If i park mine on my drive and start it up the oil and serv light come on but if i park it on the level its ok.

You can lock the boot by pressing the lock button on the dash with your door open and it locks the passenger door and boot then shut your door and lock it.

Looks like your door pin switch has failed.

Its a short circuit in the alarm ultra sonic sensors (set too high) They can fix it in a few hours under warranty - alarm kept going of in mine even when car was unlocked!!! if you park on a hill the oil and SERV lights come on and flash, but on the level its fine!