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Cup meets VX220...

On the empty backroads of Northamptonshire. And Cup glues itself to VXs slipstream, has to break now and then not to glue itself to VXs bumper...

So far I am quite pleased with my little Cup!:)

Had a quick blatt yesterday against a serious looking Nissan Sunny GT-R, lowered, huge exhaust, hissing dumpvalve etc. Didnt go quite so well, but Cup still put in a star performance.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

What roads?

I had some fun on Sunday with a Porsche 911 Carerra 2 on the A5199 between Northampton and Leicester, managed to stay within 10 car lengths for about 4 miles reaching 110mph at our peak, The 172 handled the corners just as well as the porsche, he pulled away slightly on the small straights. Best bit of action I have had so far..

Nice one, always good for morale!!

I was driving about between Daventry and Towcester, when the VX turned up as I was reversing around like an idiot. Let him out, and I followed!