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Cup vs BMW 330. What u think

Coming home from work yesterday waiting at an island that led onto dual carriageway, BMW 330 pulls up alongside me. I could see the driver out of the corner of my eye checkin out the Cup. Now Ive only done 300 miles in it so far so was nt lookin to take him on.
As soon as there was a gap in the traffic he went for it and was gone like a rocket. If my Cup had been fully run in do you think I could have give him a run for his money.
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Personally i dont think you would have, i came up against one of these the other day in my MK2 172, i wasnt pushing mine over 4000rpm, but i honestly dont think if i had i would have managed to beat him, they are fast motors. I think i could have kept up with, but certainly not overtaken.

Gaz 2130

Hey Guys, I raced a 330 on the way into London Via the A3 last month.

Even though he was infront, he couldnt get away from me at all, (the gap of about 15 ft stayed the same) all the way upto 110 mph but then he managed to pull away because I slipped my gear change! at that speed it meant a few extra yards for him. But when traffic caused us to slow down he looked really pissed! Typical BMW Driver !! arrogant and sulky !!

He looked down at my car with such arroagnce and you could see he couldnt figure out what my clio was doing keeping up with him!

for ref : its a standard 172 mk 2 with several thousand miles on her now.

I Personally think the cup would easily embarras a 330 -

I would have the 172 any day as its more fun and a better drivers car.


My Dad drives a 330Ci and sorry to say guys but the Cup wins again.........only Just. The Beemer has a higher top end, but as my Dad is a careful driver, he rarely hits the tonne or anywhere near it. But Ive driven the 330 and it is a close contest.

Yeah it does embarass 330Ci drivers - Ive done it twice now - also embarassed a 225BHP TT, an S3, WRXs numerous times and a nitroused 328 beemer - the list grows....................

Yeah - its nice when ur da drives one of the motors that we all hate the most so to speak - u know typical business men in their hot coupe snobery type jobs - so everyone when u see anyhting up to a 330Ci beemer and that obviously include 5 series which are slower coz of weight - dont be afraid to have a go ull not loose, but itll be evens - 330 is 6.5 to sixty official but cant really beat this coz of BMws tiptronic sequential gear shift system!

i wouldnt say i thrashed one, but he was defo pissed when i was slowly pulling past him on the approach slope onto the a2! HAVE IIIT!

he was a young dude too, thought he was well hard! dickheeead! made it so much betta!

im a bit disappointed, ive not had any serious challengers yet since i got my car, you guys always seem to get good races... the only dice i had was with a ctr, and there was too much traffic around to get a decent down south tomorrow though so ill go 330 hunting on the way..

i think the auto ones will not hit 6 second bracket probably in low 7s to mid 7s but i dont know would they pull away after the tonne? coz of the extra capacity

Spank them BMW drivers boys!!;)

Even funnier when 325 drivers think they are a match. Came up behind one at about 70, not right up his arse, but you know when they want to play. He excellerates so I oblidge. When he was going no where and as he was not going to pull over I under took him (safley) and he looked like a child who spat his dummy out:( 325 not really a contest, as someone said have a go at them all. Its so funny to see their faces when you either go past them or stay with them and they have paid at least 10-15k more !!!

330ci are nice, I would have one if I had the money.


I think the 330 is the best beemer to race in the fact in the hardest to beat that you can actually beat if you see what i mean, an M3 would anhilate you.

I was out with my dad in his E46 M3 last night, ahead of us was an M-tec kitted 330ci overtaking a load of cars, but my dad over took him whilst he was overtaking a mondeo, i would of loved to of seen his face!! wannabes!!

Same principle applies here - wanabbe 172s !!!!! What goes around comes around - no offense mate , but u know what I mean!

no cos the V6s are crap lol Ive driven both at the bedford autdrome and i was getting the same times but the 172 was less of a chore. Ive heard the cup is faster still, but not as fun as the 172

They might about a standard 172 ......... but my cups quicker than the MK1 V6 - tried and tested by Renault Belfast - Manager has a V6 and alll that! ;)


  Shiny red R32

My 172 would not keep up with my husbands M3, especially on a long straight, it might be OK around the country lanes!! Although I dont know how the 330 engine compares with the M3s engine, me being a girlie!!


BMWs are getting confusing now: the new 323i is actually actually the 190bhp 2.5; the 320i gets the 170bhp 2.2, the 318i the 140bhp 2.0.

I raced a 330i and was with it until *120mph - which is more or less when a 16v stops accelerating.

GirlRacer, theres a lot in between the M3 and 330. I can only compare with newest models. Some road testers have got 4.6 to 60 from the M3, which is even quicker than my dads other car, a DB7 Vantage! I dont know the acceleration figures of the 330 but it is down by over 100bhp (231bhp compared to the M3s 343bhp). The M3 is also lighter, puts the power down better and is a lot better round the twisties too, which is pretty good going as the 330ci isnt a car to be sniffed at! THe only problem is that the M3 needs a lot of revs to go, but with a great sound track, you can live with it.

Yeah, the New M3 (E46) is SERIOUSLY quick!!!! Dont even think about racing one, I suppose Nick might have a chance once his turbo conversion is finished and running high boost, but I bet hed still struggle.

I find it a little hard to believe that the clio would be quicker than the 330i but boys n girls remember its a public road not a race-track.

& how do you define embarrasing a TT, S3, WRX etc their really is not much in it in the real world perhaps common sense on their part came into play

If you seriously want to find what your car can do save it for the track, no license is no fun

Happy xmas n new year n safe driving !
  Clio 197

All M3s are quick, even the old E30 in the right hands. The E36 is actually faster around the ring than the E46. Any one should handle a Clio with ease in most situations, although an E30 can be a close run under some circumstances.

And guys and girls, a race isnt a race unless it is a real race. That is all partie involved know they are racing. Tailgating someone in traffic is hardly racing. It is actually a bit silly.

Guys, thats fair in some respects, but lets not be complete pussies. Theres nothing wrong with driving fast on your favourite b-roads, and overtaking a few people in the right conditions. Track days arent affordable for everyone, and theres all these latest warranty issues etc etc. The main thing is knowing your limits, and your cars as well as thinking things through.

Exactly - did everyone (including Jase1) buy their car for show or to actually drive it hard??? Why spend hard earned cash on a ROAD car and not push it under the right conditions me I sure as hell bought the cup to blow the wind in a few faces!

Yea sure but we all know when racing on public roads & the red mist comes over common sense goes out the window.

People in the other cars that ur going past have families to go home to - try remembering that

The conditions on the road are never right just too many variables unlike the track.

I dont see the attraction of driving hard on public roads perhaps Ive seen too many bad accidents.

Well obviously if you cant control yourself, you shouldnt do it, but it would be a mundane world if everyone stuck to the speed limits. Speaking for myself, i drive fast on b roads, but am still within my capabilities by some bit.

I dont encourage people to drive fast but i think they should enjoy driving. From what ive read, what most of the lads mean by racing is just having a drag down an A road, thats no harm to anyone. I think youre over reacting a tad.

Anyway, theres a whole lot more to speed, the more experienced of us will understand handling is more important, by far. Obviously owning an S3 means you dont understand that yet ;)
  mk2 172

i raced a couple ages ago and no-one believed me what happened when my car was standard. was getting better times than one at york too, remembered his race number.

If you have an R300 im still suprised you own an S3! But fairplay, ive sampled a few live axled caterfield and theyre difficult to drive in anything but perfect weather on track.

S3 is a company car, can you see me fittn the other half n the shoppn in the caterham ;)

Two personalities really mr hide for the S3 mr jackal for the caterham

Well thats me done merry xmas all

could not be bothered to nread the thread

but come on guys a 172/cup cant keep up with a 330 bmw. they will kick your arse like no tomorrow everytime unless the driver cant drive. a 328 yeah maybe but 330 you dont stand a chance. by they way i know this coz look at my profile i have a 16v/ 172(mums) and a my dad a 328ci, even after say the initial 0-60 sprint the 172 cant keep up with the beemer after 99 so what makes you think you can keep up with a 330

its like saying a 1.4 keeping up with a 172

RT keeping up with a 16v.

just not gonna happen


Ok, a BMW 330 will be as quick as a clio cup 0-100, in gear though the clio will get its ass whooped big style, so next time you see one, floor it in 5th at 70mph and see which car gets to 100 first, i know which one will and it wont be the clio!