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fao BENR, YOZ, MATT.. knocking or wheelspin in my cup......

  BMW 330d :)
I posted a while ago what when i came on and off the throttle in the dry that it sounded like the front tyres were breaking traction with the road in 4th on a dry road! I got a vid of it last night and it seems that its a knocking noise....

What do you think it is? Gearbox or engine mounts?


  Burgandy 174 sport t
exact same as mine mate and I just changed the top drivers side mount and the dog bone yeterday and it still does it
  172 Cup
I hope mine doesn't start this s**t. What sort of mileage are you guys experiencing this at?
  Leon Cupra 300
mine does it. you need to tilt the engine forward apparently to fix it... just need to get roiund to doing it
my engine mount under the battery went 2weeks ago. didnt half knock! buggerd my powersteering hose in the process.
Ive changed my top drivers side and dog bone this week, but I have still got knocking on acceleration. Gota check the other two engine mounts later this week. Kind of annoying. If it is not that it could be a drive shaft.

Car is doing my nut in a bit at the mo and I am seriously considering changing it, but obviously got to find the problem and repair it 1st.