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FAO Cup Owners


I applied for the ultimate cup plate C110 cup, and they wrote to me in november to say that it was going to be up for auction and that i should return the form if i was interested. anyway, to cut a long story short, the wonga was not available at the time so i had to let it go. It wasnt listed on the site though, i had to phone and specifically ask for it, they only list ones with the 1-20.

Maybe you can afford it, but i cant at the mo.


Chris - fastest cup in the west

I was going to buy N20 CUP and sell it on, N20 being the chemical formula for nitrous. As far as i know its still for sale

Only buy from the dvla!!

Newreg and the like dont always own the plates, they wait for you to call then buy from the DVLA and then pass on!

RS02 CUP, thats like saying your a wannabe ford driver...

erm.........RS ..............Renault Sport anyone?? RS172 as the previous post correctly pointed out...............