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FAO:- K-Tec Racing

and k-techracing when r u gonna get the new clio konbat KIT PICS UP ON THE SITE IM VERY INTERESTED IN THE KIT IF ITS LIKE THE REN5 GT KIT.


David doesnt reguarly check these forums, just when he hsa something to advertise.....

call him and you will get your answer.......

and from the last i heard

-carbon engine cover = 250 quid

- battery tray....dunno

-4 pot setup 1200 quid (I think!!!)

last thing i heard was that the carbon fibre items are no longer going to be made due to lack of interest, minimum order needs to be about 10 to account for the tooling costs........don think he got enough interest in them.
  R5 Gordini Turbo

I must have the brakes..

Anyone interested...

1 x grannie for sale makes excellent cakes buyer collects £1300.00 ono

(need to take into account the fitting)