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FAO One of the Bens... H or R, Hell knows :)

Sorry guys i get confused with all the Bens.

Which one of u is working on a kit for th MKII 172?

Viper Ind Induction, Chip/ReMap and Decat?

Have you had it on the RR yet with any of the bits? Any idea when u will have put them all together?

Just wondering.... Im waiting for someone else to give it all a go before i jump on the Wagon

Im a cheeky bugga


haha, hyia mate,
yeah, got teh viper on now, make a few hp gain...but its the real on road feeling that really makes you feel it works...and i did the test with no airbox on at all...that was the worst! about 5bhp down on standard, so air temps make a real diff!

the cup exhaust should be here next week and then the chip can be done once Co reading and the like have been taken.

you can see some pics in the off topic forum.