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finally gave her a likkle thrash!!

finally!!! last night on the way back from bluewater, (as evryone had advised) i gave her a quick thrash, only a little one, shes done 370miles, and was nice and warm! come out of the roundabout in second, and floored it..........................dang!!!!!!!!!! only took it to 6000rpm but i was impressed! two other fat basteeds other than me in the car too!

didnt abuse her! didnt drive like a dickhead! but fappin had a good little go! have been keepin it under 70 but she shot up to 90, and didnt wanna go back down!

im still not fully content, but the more i put my foot down, the more responsive it felt. will it get better??, im just soo used to completely thrashin my old valver, this one accelerates in such a different fashion, when i booted the valver, it was kinda brutal(good!), but with this its such smooth acceleration, it as if its not tryin! i love it, but want to be thrown back more! (i think) she handles unbelivably!! sticks to corners that in the valver i had to pretty much stop for!

im still kinda gettin used to the accelerater,cant tell whether it feels faster puttin my foot down gradually bit by bit, feelin it get faster, or puttin it right to the floor!? any views?

WOW!! this is my longest post eva!!! im gonna leave it at that, cos im sure your gettin sleepy by now! but hey this is why they call us enthusiasts!!


oh my cup could eat it!! especially when i finally unleash it properly! but i only had a piperx filter on the valver, it was still quick as fap though
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Itll keep getting faster. 2 reasons - 1. The engine takes ages to loosen up - mines still getting better after 11,000 miles. 2. Youll mod it!

believe me i will!!! ive got plans for NOS in January, the other halfs bday pressie for me!!

Anyway she will have done 850miles on sunday cos im goin on a mish! so ill have some fun on sunday evenin! (legal sensible fun of course!)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Good job mate and I love the kick the engine gives at 5000rpm, its amazing to see peoples faces when you wave to them just before 5K then the cam cuts in and your gone.

Race everywhere.....Remember mods might invalidate your warranty.

Then again if youre loaded, dont worry about it.

Id just like to sy again....race everywhere....thats quite an important point!

No wonder my friends say im an impatient fellow with the way I drive!

Not entirely sure as its something Ive been looking into but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you change the exhaust for example then Renault will refuse to work on it!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

No they wont! It depends on your dealer to a certain extent of course, but the staff at my local dealer are actually interested in my mods. They understand that people who buy cars like this are likely to want to mess them about a bit. Of course if you change your exhaust clearly they wont repair it if it breaks, but most aftermarket zorsts come with a lifetime warranty anyway.

Dont change anything while under warranty, you will void it because non factory mods are NOT EC type approved. If you cant produce a certificate of conformity you wont get insured, and if you dont tell them you wont be insured.

An employee of mine did this on his MK1 172, and the gearbox failed. he picked it up and the dealer said Renault UK refused to pay cause the ECU had been remapped, and presented him with a bill for 3 grand. And they are allowed to do that, and if its on finance you can also get sued by the finance company, it is their car till youve paid for it and you undertake to look after within the terms of warranty...........

I would lower it first and enjoy its tighter handling, you will be able to drive it quicker point to point, and you can get kits from Renault sport to do that with out losing the warranty. But its your motor, and nitrous sounds good

Technical man ( sounds like a dodgy arnie filim?? sorry!)

Do you know what is supplied by Renault Sport which does not invalidate your warranty? Ive heard lots of stories that they were bringing out mods for the Cup (And 172 i presume?) which you could add and would NOT invalidate your warranty?

Havent heard anything and no one here has ever mentioned or replied to any posts about it so i thought it was just a pipe dream?
  Renault Laguna Coupe


Mine is lowered on Eibach springs, Magnex full system, usual bulbs n stuff. Load of plans for more next year.

Once again - anything thats replaced is obviously not covered. Bolt a turbo onto the engine and the engine wont be covered anymore. But that still wouldnt prevent a claim for e.g. a fault with the CD player.

This is why its important to use good quality bits preferably with lifetime warranties when you mod the car. The car has only a 3 year warranty remember, but my zorst and springs are now covered for life!


Spoke to one of my local dealers on Wednesday about the Cup upgrades and basically he said: Renault have supplied a Cup to a third party (wouldnt tell me who they were) so they can fit and test all modifications before there excepted and approved by Renault before selling onto us.

This guy also said after market exhausts dont effect the warranty just ecu/remapping, any thing to do with the engine. Basically it depends on your dealer, like someone has already said.

Do you know what the rubber switch fixed to the car floor underneath the accelerater pedal is for as no one at Renault knows? When you press the pedal all the way you can feel it click under your foot.

Wondered that myself but never found out!

Cheers for the info on the mods as has cleared that little lot up! I wont go on as wont make Mike repeat himself for a third time! ( sorry! )

Its typical that I could have spent money on the exhaust and stuff and been ok with warranty but have just forked out £2000 on stereo stuff so am a bit light on cash at the mo!