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Fingers crossed for Sat pickup of 172

Cant wait till Saturday, if my cheque clears in time Ill be picking up my 02 172.

I managed to get a 02 172 with 3000 miles for £10,995 and I cant wait to drive it.

Ive got a trip down to Bornemouth on Monday, so fingers crossed for a Saturday collection.

Ive picked up some usefull info here so when I have a spare few minutes Ill join up.

Im interested in getting the new toy on a rolling road to make sure she has the full 172 horses under her gleeming black bonnet. Ive read about your rolling road excursions and they sound fun Id be interested in any up and comming in the South East.

See Ya



  Audi TT Stronic

I got my 2002 mk2 clio 172 with 5600 miles for 9000.. ;)

I bet you cant wait till you get it .. at least someone has run it in for you already, so as soon as you get in it and heat the oil up its 7000rpm time..
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

You wont get any sleep once youve got the car either...when i picked mine Up I kept going on midnight crusies just to keep the adrenaline flowing :D

Ive checked my bank and the money has left, I just hope it has also arrived at the dealers bank!

In answer to someones question Im not the brother of any other Mats Im plain old Matblack, no Clio connections.

Im glad the car is fully run in, Im used to having a motor with a bit of poke, the CRX is a blast over the 4700 VTi kick in point, but the 172 blow me away on the test drive, it felt faster than the Cooper S I also tested and put me off even getting in the Honda CTR. Me thinks if I can have an almost new car with this much performance for £11000 why pay £17000 for new?

The car is actually an import, I didnt find that out till a while after I decided to have it but I dont see it as an issue, it has the CD changer and Ill probably get the imob upgraded to a CAT1 just to be on the safe side. I want one which will work with the original key. The car may alread have one fitted Im not 100% sure but I want CAT1 so Ill have it checked out.

I suspect everyone is right about the sleeping, if I can pick up tomorrow I have a blast down to Bornemouth on Monday but Im away in Leeds (on the train :() over Wed/ Thurs, so Ill be making the most of my time.

Ill be back if I pick up tomorrow with a first drive report