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From gravel to road 172 PH1


ClioSport Club Member
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Good day all!

It has been pretty much seven years since I have posted here on the forum about my gravel Clio rs 172.

Basically, I have raced it in snow, ice, and gravel. I was not kind at all to it.

It does have quite a few special bits to it, and it even has a special VIN number.

Good bits:
- Full cage
- Seat, belts, steering wheel, flocked dash
- Brake regulator
- Custom rally shocks
- 182 gearbox
- 182 mani + 2.5" custom exhaust
- Rally sump guard
- Custom intake
- Custom engine mounts.

There are lots and lots of bad bits, but my plan here is to revive this little beast for slalom and local track days.
Here is where I will start with the project and see if it is worth while:

- Clio 172 shocks with grams springs
- Toyo Proxies T1R 205/45 R15
- New rubber exhaust mounts (now it has solid metal ones)
- New Sabelt steering wheel
- Fix the brake regulator (it is stuck)
- Fix the rear light and turn signals.
- Fix the electrical gremlin (it seems like the obd does not connect to ecu)
- Change every rubber suspension bit that is worn out.
- Front tow strap.
- Maybe change the cracked front window.

I would like to cut out the old side skirt parts and re-weld new ones. However, for the life of me, I cannot find body parts for this little Clio.
If you do know who makes fiberglass bumpers, fenders, side skirts, or have some ideas please let me know.

Also, the brakes suck, but first I need to get out there and test the car properly.

I wonder if you can find how many different Clio's are in my car?

I plan to keep this ridiculous theme going with mismatching colors.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 22.08.42.png

renault-clio-2-0-l-hecbekas-2001-benzinas (1).jpg

renault-clio-2-0-l-hecbekas-2001-benzinas (23).jpg







Is there a more trashy/funky Clio on the forum?

Tell me what you think!


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ClioSport Club Member
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Update time!

I had quite a bit of work done to the little Clio.
- Spark plugs changed
- T1R tires
- Grams springs with cup shocks
- Exhaust fixed
- New brake rotors, pads, and calipers.
- Fixed the brake bias regulator.
- New alignment, camber of negative -1.5.

Question of the day - what is the best camber/toe set up for track days?

Also, it just happens so that one eye of the car got punched out.

So, I have looked all over the world to try and get these used or new parts for my car, but they are now ULTRA rare it seems.

I got myself a new bonnet, new headlight, and a side skirt/body metal repair kit for the rust.
Furthermore, I found used front bumper and both front fenders! I am so glad I got them.
Also, got rear bumper and both sideskirts from a 172 ph2.
Lastly, I got a fabia splitter.

I cannot wait for my beat up rally car to become a colorful refreshed frankenclio for track days/road racing.

There is still a weird noise of rubbing coming from somewhere and quite a few issues left with it.

I will keep you posted!


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