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gains from matched inlets

  ranault 5
hello iv read references to these matched inlets.
has anyone done it or brought them and had a rolling road sesh to see the gain?
As i have taken a f4r to pices recently to port the head fit cams ect ect.
The ports in the manifold dont seem too bad and on the join between the first and second sections there is a step, but it is the right way so wont dramaticly affect flow.
Is it worth doing?
Also has any one had a standard 172 rolling roaded what power did it make?
Iv herd they dont make anything like 172bhp?
Orite ive heard the matched inlets give a few bhp with a decent remap. Mine was RR'd at 174 BHP at the fly and its totally standard. Got the graph somewhere if you need to compare.


  RB 182 Cup
My car feels more torquey lower down the rev range and a little bit more free to rev after fitting a set of angelworks inlets, I doubt there's much to gain on peak power though, just nicer to drive....


ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
from what iv heard the ph1 172 makes the best gains as they have the worst standard casts from the factory, the later cars especially the r s stamped ones have the best and therefore make the least gains.
  ranault 5
This is good cheers guys. My next question is what gains are
Avalable from good head porting. The standard head ports have been very roughly
CNC ported by reno and look easy to improve. I'm keen to get good gains and keep
The stock cams. I'm after response and torq as it's a road rally car
Standard porting on the head is very good. They arent 172bhp, they are 169bhp. But very rarely make that.

In terms of gains it wont be alot for matched inlets. You will need to spend £000's to get power.
  ranault 5
8 is very good well worth doing. Also how good is the standard
map I run a mega squirt and on my current f7r 15hp was the difference
Between standard ecu and re map can I except the same?