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How much is it worth?

  Monaco Blue 172
I really want to upgrade to a clio 172 so thinking about selling my clio authentique 1.2 8v 2003 model:


The things I have done are:
17" wolfrace alloys £500
k-tec stainless steel cat-back system £220
172 grille £40
Rear windows tinted £180
Sport Interior fitted £270
Foglights fitted £200
Cup splitter fitted £140
V6 spoiler fitted £250
Lowered 60mm on spax adjustables £400
All black plastic colour coded £250
Its done just over 30,000 miles and is in awesome condition. Suggestions please.....
  Megane 225 Cup
Its always a tricky thing to work out, but at the end of the day, mods dont add much value (if any) to the resale value. Its only a 1.2 8v as well.. not exactly the quickest of motors (hence your upgrade to 172)...

Take the price on Parkers add literally a couple of hundred and thats what its worth i reckon.
  RB 200 Cup!
try and sell the mods seperately? so then you wont lose as much money that you would if selling the car complete
  Leon Cupra R 225
aim for 4500 without the mods, sell these separately as you'll gain so much more in doing so. just recently sold my subltly modded 1.2 16v and Im glad I sold the mods separate. :)