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JonC219's RB182Cup

Well I bought my Cup in August 2011 and started a project diary then, but didn't keep up with it and it wasn't that good anyway.

Instead of trying to catch up and start again, I thought I'd start a project diary from now, and document any changes with the Clio this year. I plan to do a number of track days this year so figured it would be the perfect year to change bits on the car and document the improvements (or epic fails!)

Here's some pictures taken today. This is how she currently sits, in all her dirty glory. I haven't got any drive to clean it at the moment as the swirls are horrendous. I'd rather hide them with the dirt!


Car Park by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Car Park by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Car Park by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Car Park by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Car Park by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

As you can see, it's HANGING. It won't be getting cleaned for a while as I'm planning on spending 4 days over the Good Friday bank holiday correcting the paintwork and protecting it with a nano sealant (not into waxing anymore, too much effort!)

And yes, the stickers will be going... I'm also having some bits resprayed so the wing mirror covers will be going back to RB, reason for the wrap is to cover some horrible scratches on the O/S cover

Some interior shots, just as filthy:

Alcantara A Pillar by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Satin black door speaker/handle by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Sill by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

RenaultSport mat by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Lastly here is a dyno printout from Surrey RR in January 2012:


Surrey RR Jan. '12 by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Only thing not on the car at that point was the decat. It was also run 'as is'. Had been 4+ months since the service and the only preparation was a top up of VPower!

Current specification is as follows:
-ITG Panel filter
-Ktec remap
-Samco induction hose
-Milltek exhaust including decat
-172 black insert xenons
-Alcantara bits
-RenaultSport mats

I have booked myself and the RB in to the South Central Surrey RR meet on February 9th and Bedford Season Opener on the 16th, so in preparation for these 2 days it's going to be an expensive month!

This month's plans:
-FULL service including some upgrades
-Send off spare gearbox to Agency Transmissions for full rebuild
-RSTuner remap
-Samco coolant hose kit with new thermostat and coolant flush
-Steering rack bushes
-Battery cover and top mount covers from M.A.D.
-Fix centre exhaust hanger
-Bolt check and visual inspection prior to trackday

So I hope to update this project and keep on track a bit better than the last one. Got a bit more time on my hands at the weekends now so all being well there should be a good amount going on in the next few months.

If you've got this far then well done! And as always comments and criticism are welcome, everyone has different opinions after all so don't keep them to yourself!



Will post this in here, event though it's more detailing orientated I guess :)
In light of the upcoming track day, I decided it would be best to protect my recently purchased Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's :p

For this I chose the Gtechniq C4, as I'd been swayed by all the hype on here plus I wanted something that was actually going to last against hot brake dust! So that meant a normal wax type coating was out. As a bonus this should hopefully last longer than a wax, and be easier to clean with just a pressure washer.

Started off with cleaning off the storage dust/cob webs from the wheels. I bought them 2nd hand but I'm sure they've only been used the one time like the previous owner said they had. Very clean already!

So here is the products I chose ...

Eraser & C5 by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

I'm fairly new to nano sealants and detailing in general but knew the nano coatings needed a good clean base to attach to, so opted for the Carpro Eraser

Decided all they needed was a quick wipe down of APC to get the worst off

APC by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

After this Eraser did it's thing

Eraser by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

I didn't get any photos of the C4 application as I was trying my best to get it right! But here is a couple just after whilst the coating cured

Back by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

After 24 hours I grabbed a beading shot, if it stays like this for nearly a year I'll be more than impressed!

Beading. by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Other than that not a lot else has happened to the Clio. But my RSTuner turned up today so I'll be putting that on when I've got time :race:
  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.
Think you'd be wise to try burpspeed's track day at landow in March.
Idea if your new to it as jay and tony can both give you plenty of tips and advise!
Thanks guys, yes the beading does look good! Will hopefully do my Cup alloys in a couple of months, make them much easier to clean!

And that was the plan msa197! But unfortunately being on a weekday I couldn't get the time off work :( where as Bedford is on a Saturday


ClioSport Club Member
Looking good Jon.

What's your thinking behind the RSTuner map given it already had a KTec map? Not impressed with Dorset's finest?
Looking good Jon.

What's your thinking behind the RSTuner map given it already had a KTec map? Not impressed with Dorset's finest?

Thanks Tim, it's not looking the best at the moment though, can't wait to detail it. Sooo dirty.

And tbh I'm not convinced its even got a remap. And if it does, I don't rate it much...
It still idles at about 800, has a 7200 rpm limit and the 5K kick seems pretty noticeable. But tbh mine is the only 182 I've ever been in so I have nothing to compare!

Another reason for the RSTuner is I want to put a Sabelt on in the future so wana turn the airbag lights off :)

Did you find some Fuchs in the end by the way? Sorry I couldn't help out!
Most likely Tony will be at Bedford, and may sit in the car for a few laps!

Might have to scope him out, would be good to learn a few things :)


Instead of going down the induction kit route, which I may well do in the future, I decided to keep the stock airbox for now.

I knew it had a KTR foam panel filter already in it, but when I took it out to clean it I wasn't best pleased with the quality. The rubber seal was ripped and tbh it didn't look very well built from the beginning...

So I ordered an ITG foam panel filter! Was much better quality. So that was the filter side of things covered, now to sort out some decent air flow.

I made a CAF to fit the standard airbox, running from the bottom grill so this meant the acoustic valve was no longer needed, so that went!

Anyway, here is some photos and a write up of what I made...

These are the bits I used:


Homemade CAF (1) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
You can see it snakes its way down past the headlight much like the standard air feed


Homemade CAF (2) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
You can see the secondary air feed on the left. I left this standard as it already gets a fair amount of cold air from the headlight area


Homemade CAF (3) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
I cut off the old air pipe and cut off some of the hard plastic connector to make it wider so the air had a cleaner path into the 'box. I used black silicone, one of the heat shrinks then finished it off with insulating tape as it can get messy and my advice is too do this with 2 people as it's very hard to hold everything in place whilst using a heat gun!


Homemade CAF (4) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
I drilled some small holes in the air duct and used small zip ties to keep it in place on the lower grille. I also drilled out the grille under the towing eye slot to aid in air flow. I need to neaten it up and square up the holes but tbh I can't be bothered whilst its cold!
I've just got to adjust it so I can get my tow eye in easier for the upcoming trackday as it's slightly in the way at the moment
Link to air inlet -


Homemade CAF (5) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
I had to use a bit of heat mat just behind the air scoop as the air feed touches the A/C pipes, which when used get hot ironically!

  Racing Blue 182 Cup
Nice mods. Like the samco. Colour is spot on. Might have to do one on mine at some point. When i get my wheels off for a clean i will do what you have done. Cracking job. Will do the Mrs Sportage when it arrives on 1st March before she ruins it too ;)
Some bits turned up today :)


Bits from M.A.D on here, battery cover and top mount covers anodised black. And a lambda extender for when I fit new lambda's during the service

I won't say what's in the other packages cos it will ruin the surprise ;)

Nothing very visual I'm afraid, although I am going to try and take some arty farty photos later as the suns out :)


RSTuner by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Finally got some warmish weather to load on the RSTuner 98RON map. First impressions are brilliant! The idle is so much better (now convinced it wasn't remapped prior) and there's no flat spots lower down in the revs, it just pulls from nothing even when cold which is a massive improvement as it was rubbish before.

Not too sure on the MPG side of things yet... trip showed 25ish ... so I'll fill it up with VPower later and reset everything to see what I get with some 'sensible' driving!

Service and gearbox next week, hoping it turns up from Agency soon. Plus STILL waiting on bits from KTEC :(


ClioSport Club Member
Admit it... you just want pops and bangs as Tim hinted at... :D

Looking good mate and those wheels cleaned up a treat. I might have to check out some of those products you've used.
Coming along nicely
Some good little mods

Cheers mate, I want to do more but not got the money at the moment! Bloody anniversaries!

Admit it... you just want pops and bangs as Tim hinted at... :D

Looking good mate and those wheels cleaned up a treat. I might have to check out some of those products you've used.

Cheers SharkyUK! Yours will be a peach when its back from Fred's.

And nooo no unnecessary noises out of my exhaust thankyou ;) Although maybe I'll do it one day for the banter...

Yer the C5 works on exhaust trims as well apparently which is a bonus. Had I known the Cquartz works on wheels as well I probably would have bought that though tbh, as Im using that on the paint in a few months anyway ...


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
I like the interior touches Matt black and the a pillars look neat touches as do the colour touches under bonnet.
  E46 M3 & UR Quattro
Coming along nicely mate, how you finding the map?

I got a bone to pick with you, I think you cursed me with the MRSA lark! Lol
Coming along nicely mate, how you finding the map?

I got a bone to pick with you, I think you cursed me with the MRSA lark! Lol

No way mate! Why do you think that? Hope it isn't anything like that, not very nice :( everything good with the back in general apart from that though?

And the map is brilliant tbh! Wish I'd done it months ago. The drive ability is so much better. I'm convinced it didn't have a map before as its just so much easier to live with on the cold mornings!
  192'd BG 182 FF
Cars coming along really well! Reading about how happy you are with the RS tuner map has made me want mine so much more, ordered it yesterday! Also i love the shots of the beading with the C4!


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
Hi Jon. Car looks great dude. Didn't you mention you had a yanoo kit?
Cars coming along really well! Reading about how happy you are with the RS tuner map has made me want mine so much more, ordered it yesterday! Also i love the shots of the beading with the C4!
Thanks Lee, busy weekend planned for it!
I honestly couldn't recommend the RSTuner enough mate. There's a reason it should be one of the first mods you do!

Hi Jon. Car looks great dude. Didn't you mention you had a yanoo kit?
Cheers Gally, will look even better in a few months time with Cquartz on it ;)
And yes I do have a Yanoo kit. It was a little while ago so I don't know how it translates to the new kits he does, but at the time I went for the 'stiff ball' upgrade, brass bushes and 10% quicker shift.
Got a new gearbox to put in tomorrow but gona keep the standard shift length for the moment and if its not much different just keep it to look after the 'box :)
Really good upgrade for the shifter though, much nicer with it being a bit stiffer. Haven't poly'd the dog bone mount either yet.

Knowing my gearbox had a nasty crunch whilst changing at high revs, I decided to source a new 'box as the Bedford trackday was fast fast approaching. I didn't fancy the idea of having an issue on the day so thought I'd tackle the problem by not only getting a new 'box but also giving it a full refurb by Martin at Agency Transmissions after the numerous recommendations I saw on here! :cheers:

So popped up the motorway after a phone call and found a JC5 130 gearbox from a 172. From a lowish mileage car with no reported issues, but I'd already decided I was going to get it refurbed anyway so no worries either way.

I sent the box straight away and after a couple of days got a phone call from Martin who informed me 3rd gear was quite worn along with most of the synchros. So he did a full refurb which included synchros, bearings, gaskets, seals and forks. I also inquired about a longer 5th gear for reduced RPM at motorway speeds. He said there was a gear he could put in for this, however after some miscommunication over the phone this wasn't the case, as I'll explain later :dapprove:

I recieved the 'box back a couple of weeks later looking like this:


Gearbox Before (1) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox Before (2) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox Before (4) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

I figured why should the inside be so shiny and new and not match the outside?! So out came the spray paint and I set to work smartening it all up...
Couple of during...

Gearbox During (1) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox During (3) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

And after, much better!

Gearbox After (2) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox After (3) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox After (4) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox After (5) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Gearbox After (7) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Last weekend I got to work swapping them over. Lucky having a Dad who owns his own Commercial business!

I decided to remove the whole subframe (never again) as I was fitting Powerflex inner ARB bushes at the same time. And figured it would be a good chance for more paint! :eek:

Subframe by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

She did look very sorry for herself up there

Ramp by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

As far as the clutch goes, I figured there was no point going for something fancy as I'm only running standard power with the basic mods. I went for a Valeo clutch kit, but went for an upgraded flywheel by way of Ktec's billet lightened flywheel (Yes I know they're silly money but never mind...)

Flywheel by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
Flywheel (2) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Flywheel (3) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
Its a real shame it's gota go inside the gearbox, it's a complete work of art! Looks amazing with all the machining lines all over it. And as you can see from the last picture, it is very lightweight, as anyone who has tried to hold a standard flywheel at arms length will testify!

Final pictures of the clutch and flywheel in place and gearbox making its return journey

Gbox refit by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

I also fitted a new clutch cable, and noticed it looked a bit different with extra weights at the clutch release arm end. I can only assume this is an updated part in an attempt to combat the heavy clutch the 172/182's are known for, who knows! :S

Final pics of the Powerflex bushes in situ and the new clutch cable with the other service bits I'll be cracking on with in the next update

Powerflex inner ARB by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Ktec Racing by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

As Opie had a small deal on Millers oils and £1 delivery I thought I'd treat myself to some trick engine oil for the service, and opted for Millers on the 'box as well

Millers by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Final thoughts are, what a transformation! I haven't 'given it' really yet, but the clutch is a dream now. Sooooo much lighter than it was previously. I can only assume the combination of new clutch and updated cable has really eased things up. The refurb has also been money well spent, the gearbox feels amazing to change gear and is the best I've ever felt, coming from an equally poor 'box of a 106.
I had a Yanoo 10% shorter shift in the previous gearbox, but have left the standard length in and TBH I can't really tell the difference so this is how it's going to stay for the foreseeable future.
The flywheel also seems like a worthwhile investment. Revving the engine whilst in neutral seems to be a lot quicker and freer. In both gaining revs and dropping down. In gear pace seems much improved as well, so not such a need to drop it down a gear for day to day driving which is refreshing. If you have the extra cash I'd say go for it :)

As I said about the 'longer' 5th gear earlier, this is where I had a small hiccup. I quickly noticed that cruise control worked in all other gears except 5th, where the new gear was.
After a thread on here, it turns out the gearbox speed and wheel speed sensors have to match predetermined values. Not good as I ideally wanted to keep cruise, it's not a track car yet!
There also seemed to be a small issue with the revs. It was revving higher than it used to, not lower! So a quick phone call to Martin confirmed that he ahd misunderstood my intentions for the gearbox, and he had fitted a 'race' 5th gear with a shorter ratio for track work
Cant fault him though, he is sending down a standard 5th gear for me to swap over, then I can send back the 'race' gear for a refund, top man :clap:

Anyway, congrats if you got this far. Thats the update this week. Next on the list is a fairly comprehensive service and check over in prep for the Surrey RR meet this Saturday and Bedford the week after.
And no, I havent added up what Ive spent this month....

Cheers for looking, jon
Had the trip down to Surrey RR yesterday with the organised meet on here.

Here's my results:

Surrey RR 02.13 by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Pretty happy with how it ran, gained 7.9HP and torque is up around 6ft/lb's. With the RSTuner map it also seems to have smoothed everything out, including holding onto the power at the top end. Changes from last time include:
-Millers Nanodrive 5W40
-Magnecor KV85 ignition leads
-KTEC billet lightened flywheel
-NGK PFR6E-10 spark plugs
-RSTuner remap
-Cleaned and oiled ITG filter
-Milltek decat

So yes, happy happy :)
Cracking work!

What problems did you have when removing the sub frame? spinning bolts? Makes me more nervous for when I do my box change... On my drive :dapprove:

Revised clutch cable looks beefy. Hoping it will make my clutch feel lighter after its changed too.
Thanks Guysy, trying to crack on with is this year. As long as I do one thing every couple of weeks it won't take long!

And it was fine removing it, bolts weren't siezed (but I was using air tools). It was getting it all back in which was the fun bit! Just need a million pair of hands and then I forgot the heat shield for the steering rack and it was so tight to get to the bolts with it all up in there I had to drop it again slightly. Ended up leaving one bolt out so held in by 1 nut and 1 bolt.

And if you're still on the original clutch cable it will most likely free it up no end. Mine didn't feel stiff when I got it out and operated it by hand, but next to the new one it was really bad!
Yeah I'm hoping it all goes well when I get round to doing the job, I expect lots of swearing but hopefully I'll get there.

Yeah I think its on the original so the refurbed box, clutch kit and cable should make things much better after the change.

Right time to do a bit of catching up!

2 weeks ago I performed a full service ahead of the Surrey RR meet. Just going straight onto the pictures...


Service Bits by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

NGK by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

S.plugs by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Magnecor (2) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Magnecor KV85 ignition leads fitted along with the correct spark plugs (Bosch Iridium plugs before hand). Pollen filter changed, Millers Nanodrive 5W40 used, and ITG panel filter cleaned and oiled


M.A.D. Bits by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Also fitted the M.A.D. battery cover and top mount covers, finished in anodised black :)


Centre hanger mod. by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Got fed up of the standard center exhaust hanger breaking under the immense weight of the Milltek, so following the thread on here regarding the rear exhaust hangers and Powerflex bushes, I made a center one in the same manner!


Clio by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Clio (3) by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

In the workshop, all filthy dirty, still not washed :(

So in summary, this is what happened to the Clio:
Pollen filter
Genuine oil filter
Millers Nanodrive 5W40
NGK PFR6E-10 plugs
Magnecor ignition leads
Coil pack
Battery cover
Top mount covers
Lambda sensors

All in all, judging by the RR graph I posted earlier, it seems to have made a noticeable difference in both the real world and on numbers, so Im very happy with it :)
Bedford Track Day 16th Feb

Brilliant day! The Clio ran perfectly, just the brakes let it down. And once I worked out tyre pressures, the handling was 'ok' (need new dampers and springs really)

Some pictures from the day:

Jon Clio by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Dad Clio by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Dad Clio by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Jon Clio by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
Just about on the tripod action ;)

List of things needed to do for next time:
Brake ducts
Oil temp gauge (mate in a VXR had silly temperatures so want to see what mine's doing)
Better pads (suggestions?)

And maybe some other bits and pieces

Now to look for another track day :p

Looking good mate
Cheers Andrew! Should hopefully go a bit better as well when I get those inlets back from you :)

Right well I figured this is well overdue an update. The Cup is currently off the road for the month so I can get a few bits and pieces done to it.
List this month is:
Matched inlets
Lots of bits to powdercoat
Few bits to paint
General tidy up
Refurb alloys
New Cup shocks all round including Cooksport springs, Powerflex lower arms, new Genuine top mounts
Powerflex dogbone
And finally a bloody good detail as it's hanging.

Few pictures...

Axle Stands by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

RS Inlet by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Top Inlet by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

This is the state of the passenger wheel after the CV boot decided to split, horrible stuff.

CV Grease by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Iron-X by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

​Arch liners getting a clean with ObliTARate then dressed with Carpro PERL:

ObliTARate arch liners by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

CarPro PERL by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

During the weekends work I noticed I had a non-Cup driveshaft on the passenger side. As far as I'm aware it's only the ABS ring that's different (can someone confirm?) so I'll be ordering up the right ABS ring from and fitting it when I can be bothered.

Non-Cup Shaft by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Cup Shaft by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

I also noticed the wishbones I bought from Renparts had the non-Cup caster rather than the increased caster so hopefully that will be sorted by the end of the week and I can send a few bits to powdercoat and get the bushes in.

Non-Cup Wishbones by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

So the Cup's been left to feel sorry for itself for a bit whilst I get everything together. As the inlets are currently getting worked on by A L Developments I decided to get the injectors sent off to Injectortune to make sure they're in top condition as well. Gota be worth another half a horsepower at least!

As I'm now waiting for bits I decided to tackle the wheel refurb, I've only curbed them once in the 2 years theyve been on the car and luckily it had only knocked off the paint rather than dented the alloy. So hopefully a decent rub down with the sandpaper should do the trick.

Alloy Refurb by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Alloy Refurb by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

Alloy Refurb by Jon_KTM, on Flickr

I'm not changing the colour as such but will be spraying them Rover Stone Grey as this is the closest match to the original Cup colour as I could find. I toyed with the idea of BMW Sparkling Graphite but felt it just looked a bit to dark against the RB.

So that's it for the moment, hopefully I'll get a chance to rub down the rest of the wheels during the week and then get a couple of coats of etch primer down at the weekend.

On a side note, I picked up this early F4R block from Dan at SJM a couple of months back

F4R Block by Jon_KTM, on Flickr
This is it painted after being dipped and checked.
I'm hoping to build up a high compression ITB lump for when this becomes a full on track toy in a few years. If anyone has a Ph1 head in decent condition please contact me!

​Thanks for reading :race:
Mail me your address so I can send the inlets back to you at the end of the week please. I'll have a look at the head for you if you want?
if you don't mind me asking how much roughly did the refurb cost on the gearbox? i got a crunch going from 4th to 5th and then it whines when i accelerate. Car is looking Very nice, love the colour
Mail me your address so I can send the inlets back to you at the end of the week please. I'll have a look at the head for you if you want?
Emailed back to Andrew. And yes when I finally find a decent one no doubt ill be sending it to you for a few things ;) are the inlets finished now?

if you don't mind me asking how much roughly did the refurb cost on the gearbox? i got a crunch going from 4th to 5th and then it whines when i accelerate. Car is looking Very nice, love the colour
Hi Matt. I think it was £300ish but I can't quite remember. It had everything done to it though so won't be anymore than that. Worst cost was the courier! Added £100 to the bill :(

Nice update Jon! Looking forward to seeing it all back together and on track again sometime soon..
Cheers Martin, I meant to say to you actually that I'm booked in to Bedford with javelin on November the 2nd along with my mate with the VXR. You keen?