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Knocking/Binding when reversing

When I reverse with a bit of lock on, I have started getting a knocking sound from the near side front wheel and can feel some resistance.
When I had the car MOTed last month, it passed no problem but they said that the brake balance on the front was a bit off and I might have a sticking calliper.

Is this what it sounds like or has anyone else got any other suggestions?


I'd check the usual, spring & shock, ball joints, pads & discs for the binding too.

Check the flexi to the caliper is in good nick, and the seals too
  Renault Clio
I got a similar noise when reversing but with full lock on, or when pulling off with full lock on - Sounds like the steering wheel is about to snap and it cracks, but functions ok - I really don't know what could be causing it :S