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Lack of 172s

Do you all see a lot of 172s around where you live or work? Either Im half blind when I drive around or there really is just a shortage in this area. I havent seen a single other since I got mine, and I think I recall seeing 1 mk1 before I got mine. Never even seen a cup in the "flesh" either.

Anyone live or work in the Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth area with a 172 or Cup? If you do and see some dozy git driving around with his eyes half closed in a Mark 2 Black 172, thatll be me, so flash me or something so that I dont go on thinking that Im the only one around here! I see plenty of Cooper-S and CTRs but no bloody 172s!!!
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No, to date I have seen about 4 other 172s, one black two silver and one blue all standard.

Never seen one in N.ireland...seen some "fakes" though.. 2.0 16v badges and muppets who spray their 16v badge in silver.. if you pass them real quick then you could mistake them for 172s ;)

Just had this conversation with Chavyboy,

There seems to be quite a few Cups compared to one or two 172s around the Romford area.



Not seen any cups yet but there a lot of 172 round are way and in Sheffield. Might have something to do with direct cars selling them with delivery miles for under 12K. Well 5 quid under anyway but every little helps. Only ever seen one blue 172 and that was Rhyss which looked mint. Sorry to rub the salt in the wounds Rhys by the way!! The black ones look mint too. Trying desperatley to talk the bird into getting one but I dont thonk she is having any of it.:cry:

Glad its not just me. I wouldnt want them to be as common as muck but seeing a couple of others around would be nice! Yes I pass the Beckham residence every day - 5 times out of 10 there are national TV vans parked outside! - maybe my car will get on TV :D

Ive seen a few around Derby/Notts area - maybe thats cause Im very close to Motorpoint!

Tell you what though - I see those minis everywhere, absolutely everywhere.

I drive around in Harlow occasionally. Got a Mk1 Silver 172 on 17s with a small cliosport sticker in the rear window. Will keep my eye out for a black Mk2

I see lots of 172s around Derby especially cruising through Pride park, also a couple of valvers seen floating about and a couple of willys;) Never seen oine to flash to yet:(!

  CTR EK9 turbo

Hardly ever see 172s around here. Theres one other silver one hanging around my area thats- VR6MAN- and another silver mk.1 172 in Liphook who appears to not have his car there any more? perhaps hes sold it? he has a renault 19 too. Never seen a mk.2 in my village. Seen 2 silver, 1 black and 1 blue mk.2 172s in Guildford - the blue mk.2 172 in Guildford has a jap-style-meccano rear wing and a few other bits including some nice wheels.... Also 2 V6s, one of which i got a ride in! Theres another silver 172 with Oval 6x4 magnex - numberplate WTR - a bit like that one EVO used to own.....?

Hi Pete I work on Pride Park. Seen quite a few valvers/172s there, always too busy for fun though. Beep if you see me!

Im near hertford... so not too far off. Red 172. Im sometimes over sawbridgeworth way. Will give you a flash if I see you.

I work near the station at a place called Interfleet. Wont be in the clio for a while as it has let me down again today, probs alternator. Yesterday it was the best car in the world today it sucks. We should have a lunchtime mini meet sometime!
  clio 20v

go to glossop there must be loads was there today seen 2 mk2s in 10mins

but glossop must have a speeding problem cos i passed a fair few speed cameras in a very short distance

seen a couple of cups now and lost count of the number of 172s ive seen

i do a lot of traveling about though with work


Woots - I work at Software AG just accross the way from you. Red Mk2 172. Cant say Ive seen you about - Ive seen a blue 16V coming from your place/Core a couple of times though. Stuman works across the way at Egg - Silver 172.

Luntime minimeet sounds cool some time.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

At our office there are currently 3 Mk2 172s, 1 Mk1 172, a Cup, and a valver. Not to mention lots of other phase 1 Clios.
  Subaru WRX

I dont see many at work, maybe thats because I work for Landrover at Gaydon and they all own crappy focuss or Discoverys yuk !!

And they get them cheap and moan all day about the costs !!

There are a few 172s around where I live mainly in silver, only ever seen one other than mine in blue though.


  Audi TT Stronic

I have only seen one in my area since I got my 172, before that I cant say I was looking for them.