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Laguna V6 vs Clio 16v

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS


What would you think is quicker?

A guy at my work drives a 3.0l V6 Laguna, with about 120,000 miles so its fairly loose!

My Clio has had a Hill Power Ind Kit, Scropion Exhaust + De-Cat, SuperChip, Cams, Ported polished and gas flowed head

Basically, there wasnt a lot in it - i was two up, he was alone - i kept up just about but thats as good as it got, the 16v was definitely not quicker!!!
  Golf GTi DSG

Id have thought the Clio would have been quicker to 60 but after that the pulling power of that 3.0 v6 would catch up!

I always found my valvers performance was greatly affected when i was any more than 2 up! the cuo isnt so bad, but those v6s are quick esp top end!

i wouldnt worry fella.

you gonna go to a meet nick i wanna see this dimma baaad! well have to swap for a quick drive! ;)

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Hello Danny,

Im up for that too mate ;0)

Whens the next meet local - well nearish to me, probably London i guess?!?! I want to see this Cup of yours too - theyre well nice!!

Anyway, yes the V6 was quick, but i sat on his tail and couldnt gain anything but he didnt really pull away either.......

no worries!

anyway dont know exactly when next meet is, just keepin an eye on the meetings board..... i go down southend a bit, but i think thats a bit of a mish for ya.

anyway time will tell!