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Lexus lights - well sick yo


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Ha ha ha ha, Although I was really hoping it was going to be a Charity auction for children in need or something
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  Liquid Yellow 182 FF
Q: got any ova fings 4 sale blud? im afta a sik krome zorst 4 me nova gte...
A: iv got 2 bagz ov skunk?

I lolled, I lolled alot
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  A red missile
All da bulbs iz on da back as well, wiv sum plugs or some ova white boi sh*t 4 the electrikz 2 go down.

hilarious fleabay pisstake, at least I hope it is, nobody could be so retarded surely?


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  Too many.
LOL at people questioning whether its real or a piss take. Quite obviously piss take y0.
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  Not got a car
Q: Yo Yo, If I get me grinda to me Corsa, do you fink I can Stick dese on it so me is looking like da propa gangsta with a corsa vectra... Word29-Oct-09


FLOL ^^^

Sound like one of Tim Westwoods Auctions
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  clio 182 black /gold
Dem lites r buzin in it. Dey wil lok gud on ma clio. I wud put dem on da rof n wen dey fal of dey wil smas an lok gudz.
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  328, MK1 Clio 1.4
Q: Will these lights make me look thinner? I'm a big fat sweaty Geordie with fingers like massive sausages and I hand round in truck stops in my wikkid Nova but these modern day lorryists like thin blokes now. Failing that could you get a load more, line them up round the border of Wales and invite some crackpot Middle Eastern dictatorship to bomb the inbred b@st@rds out to sea and do everyone else a favour? No-one would care about a handful of leek munching, ginger haired toothless simpletons and their third world, tinpot, glorified county being lost forever. Ps did you know Jaffa was black?

A: big up ma main chester man!!!!