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Long Mynd (Shropshire) Clio Photoshoot

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Went for a drive to the Long Mynd yesterday with my mate in his 197 and we managed to get some good photos.









HDR with vignette effect:

Available to see in all their glory on my Flickr page:

Flickr :: Clio Photoshoot 17th October 2009

C&C Welcome :approve:
  Clio 197 + Mrk 3 DCI
nice one mate....really enjoyed that drive and the photos do it justice! really really good snaps and im loving the HDR
Great shots - however all of them, apart from the last two and the one of the black clio, are really underexposed.

Killer scenery! I'd love to do a shoot round there one day!


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I really like the first one and the second to last of the OP, although I agree with Dan that the first looks a bit underexposed. Also like the second last of the second set, although they all seem to be quite heavily saturated/vibrant! Excellent location as well. :approve:
Ace pics! cant help but notice that man in the backround on the last pic, reminds me of that grandad thread tbh.
  Clio 197 + Mrk 3 DCI
cheers folks, the scenery is gorgeous and the drive there is great fun to.....

DrRollo, we are planning another trip back there somtime, weather permitting, we will tell u next time for sure!